August 8, 2019  /  Jillian Rossi

Exciting young singer-songwriter Jillian Rossi is striving – and succeeding – to bring emphasis back to the vocalist in pop music. Her sound is theatrical and filled with enthusiasm and vigour. From her candid writing style to her soaring vocals, Jillian is injecting a fresh dose of fun and individuality into contemporary pop.

Her latest outing is ‘txt me when u get here’. The empowering track sees Jillian call out a prospective partner about his true intentions. It is sultry, flirty and fun but full of substance. The gleeful sound of the track belies the deeper emotional range that is showcased by the young artist, creating an interesting juxtaposition.

Above all though, the track is pure indie pop fun. It is brash, it is unapologetically witty, and it is full of depth. Fans of hook-filled, singalong pop need look no further.