August 5, 2019  /  Tanners

Electro-pop can go one of two ways, a super sugary sweet light direction or a darker path. New York’s Tanners has taken the darker route on new track ‘Heavy Metals’.

Using the track to explore her own personaly struggle with mental health and, in particular, depression. Tanners, Mike Mccallister and Julie Hardy have created a sensual, unique take on it that you might expect from an unexpected collaboration between Tove Lo and Tame Impala.

Describing her ongoing struggle with mental health since childhood, she explains “I hadn’t experienced intense bouts of depression until my twenties. It’s really tough and even embarrassing at times to talk candidly about how dark you feel without getting the wide-eyed, concerned look from friends and creative collaborators.”

Full of synths that send the track souring and guitar work that bring the track back down to earth in the grittiest, raw-est way. ‘Heavy Metals’ is a sonic masterpiece.