March 9, 2018  /  Blaudzun

Location: Arnhem, Netherlands

FFO: Tim Knol, Moss

Label: V2 Records Benelux

Dutch rock artist Blaudzun has released his second single of the year, the uplifting ‘islands_’. The rhythmic track encompasses a summery feel, leaving you yearning for the warmer weather. This release follows ‘_hey now’ released earlier in the year and sounds in a similar sense, consisting of similar instrumentation and the same feel-good vibe. Johannes Sigmond, the mastermind behind Blaudzun, released his self-titled first album ten years ago and has enjoyed critical acclaim ever since. Intriguingly, Blaudzun is named after a relatively unknown Danish cyclist from the ’70s. Despite already possessing a rapidly-growing following, Blaudzun isn’t ready to stop just yet, he aims to take the world by storm in 2018.