June 12, 2018  /  Alex Siegel

Location: California, USA

FFO: Toro y Moi, Peter Bjorn and John

Record Label: Unsigned

Alex Siegel‘s latest single ‘Daydreaming Pilot’ has a sound that is akin to floating in the clouds. On his second track of the year, Siegel’s reverb-soaked vocal flies around the track, while acoustic guitar twinkles and sparkles. Piano slowly enters the track, building upon the already present yet faint synths and wind instrumentation. For a song that revels in its small, intimate atmosphere, there is a surprising amount of instrumentation hidden in this brief track.

We should really expect this level of craftsmanship from Alex Siegel, a multi-instrumentalist currently based in California. Taking inspiration from genres as far ranging as bosa nova and hip-hop, Siegel is well versed in music, and uses this base of knowledge to make warming, intimate tracks. Playing every instrument in his tracks, Siegel’s music has a human connection that many others could probably not recreate.