June 1, 2018  /  stefan

Location: Los Angeles

FFO: Jengi, Jerry Folk, JackLNDN

Record Label: Unsigned

With ‘Broken’, stefan has penned a perfectly relaxed song that would be perfect for the blazing sun on the shore. stefan’s intoxicating falsetto is a perfect accompaniment to this sweet and delicate track. A driving, simple, four to the floor rhythm punctuates the track, with small bursts of electric guitar providing that sunny edge. As the track evolves, a wonderful electric guitar solo announces itself, a perfect end to a serene R’n’B track.

stefan keeps himself to himself on social media, letting the music paint the picture. Having featured on plenty of tracks during 2017, stefan is keeping a good pace of releases. We just can’t wait for that full length release where stefan’s heavenly falsetto can truly shine.