April 16, 2017  /  Kudu Blue

Location: Brighton

FFO: FOURS, Bearcubs, Zak Abel

Label: Unsigned

Kudu Blue debut the electronica infused R’n’B of their latest track ‘Drink Alone’. Brooding yet addictive, the soaring vocals of singer Clementine Douglas elevate the track to unprecedented levels.

Inspiration for the track came whilst working a bar shift in Brighton. “I was working in a pub and we’d often have a drink during our shift,” says Douglas. “This one day I was trying to be good and decided to stick to some nutritious H2O. The girl that I was working with said “please don’t make me drink alone”, I thought it could be a good song premise so wrote it down, then had a pint.”

Their Shaded EP is self-released on 28th April.