August 2, 2019  /  Elizsabeth

Elizsabeth is a London-based artist creating empowering alt-pop music inspired by stories of self-love, self-preservation and self-growth. Using her evocative vocals, mesmeric hooks and honest lyrics she wants her music to be a source for anyone needing reminding about the importance of discovery and acceptance.

Her latest single ‘I Choose Myself’ embodies this ethos. If the track is about anything, it’s self-empowerment. The track is charged full of emotion, something which is magnified by her solemn, candid vocals, and the angelic piano keys that accompany them.

“The song is about regaining back our power after giving it away for so long and in doing that finding a freedom we didn’t realise we were missing” the songstress reveals.

Whether you’re in need of a motivational and inspiring lift, or just a dose of rousing alternative pop, ‘I Choose Myself’ has you covered.