Just last week did the very wonderful Paradisia release new track ‘Warpaint’ (above), it’s gone down pretty well online and once you listen to it, it’s clear to see why. This single followed the release of their debut single ‘Silent Love’ a track which was similarly welcomed with open arms (and ears…).
It’s because of this, that we thought it would be absolutely insane not to track down the ladies of Paradisia and get to know them a bit more through the medium of song. Song’s they wish that they’d written that is.

Anna’s choices 
John Lennon 
A song about John Lennon’s parents abandoning him- such a powerful performance and personal lyrics. Breaks your heart every time, the lyrics are so simple yet so intimate. “mother, you had me/ but I never had you/ I wanted you / but you didn’t want me.”
The Fall
Great melancholic pop – it transports you to a bittersweet place. 
No Woman
It’s my favourite track at the moment, saw their first london show in Hackney wick last winter and they blew me away. Unique freshness and positivity in their music.
Kristi’s choices
Cranes in the Sky 
Can’t stop listening to this whole album. RNB/Soul heaven. But this song takes me back to my youth singing in the mirror with attitude kinda vibe. Ha! Especially hitting those high notes at the end!
Laura Mvula
Show Me Love 
The lyrics in this song are so powerful and every time I hear it I feel her pain inside. Inspires me to write a really honest song like this. ‘If it wasn’t real, then why does it hurt so bad? Cause the thing that we had, it was everything’ 
King of Leon
This song just makes me wanna sit back with  a glass of G&T with my eyes closed and tap my foot and pretend I’m in a hammock in Texas. 
Sophie Rose’s choices
Bad Religion – Frank Ocean 
I’ve listened to this song at least once a week since it’s release in 2012.
I love how it combines not only heartbreak, homosexuality and the shame he feels within it but also the beautiful imagery of Frank getting in the car and telling a muslim cabby about all of this. You feel like your sitting next to him driving through New York. 
Cause I’m a Man – Tame Impala 
In almost all of Kevin Parker’s songs it’s often hard to hear what he’s actually singing, after looking the lyrics up I became even more obsessed with this song. Not only is it beautifully simple in its production but finally a song of complete and utter honesty, he’s cheated and all he’s got to say is ‘Cause I’m a man Woman, don’t always think before I do’. I try to be honest lyrically, this inspires me to do that even more. 
I Was an Eagle – Laura Marling
I first came across this song in Boston in 2011, I’d gotten on a bus from NY just so I could see Laura play her new record in tiny student bar, gigs like this just don’t happen in England for her, she’s far too big. ‘I was an eagle’ was played for the 1st time and it grabbed me, pulled me in and spat me back out. To me this is a beautifully written song about infidelity and rebelling against love. ‘I will not be a victim of romance’ a big f*** you to love, how refreshing and unpredictable.
Love & Hate – Micheal Kiwanuka 
This album is a favourite of mine but this song is perfect piece of music and writing, the production is total perfection too. I could listen to this forever. So many meanings all rolled into one song, open to interpret however you see fit, skilled songwriting right there!