6 acts you should definitely be seeing today at Off The Record…

Joining the multitude of incredible Manchester-based Music events is Off The Record. By day a conference host to some of the most influential and knowledgeable minds in the music industry today and by night a multi-venue music festival.

They only announced the line up to the public today, putting a focus on the element of discovery, forcing people to have some faith in the curators and buy tickets beforehand. The only bit of information they gave prior, was that the lineup was to solely be full of acts that had been together for less than two years and were yet to release a debut album. Pretty exciting stuff!

The line-up has certainly not disappointed either, but we understand that 24 hours isn’t the biggest amount of time to prepare. So, we’ve done you an absolute solid and not only made you a playlist (below) including the best of the lineup. But we’ve handpicked six of the more unknown acts, which you most definitely should not miss, to introduce you to below.

Bossy Love

Chosen by London in Stereo… These have been stirring up quite a lot of attention up in Scotland, with squeaky, uniquely charming vocals easing between singing and rapping; keeping the listener on their toes is a particular talent of Bossy Love’s.

They deliver refreshing R&B infused, pop music with inflexions of hip-hop and lyrical content to warm the cockles of your heart. Pair all that with some killer hooks, that given some time could definitely be chart ready and it seems that Amandah Wilkinson (previously Operator Please) and John Baillie Jnr (previously Dananananaykroyd) are on to a winner.



What do you get when you try and combine rock music, hip-hop and even a bit of metal? The answer is FREAK.

Meet Connar Ridd, the 19-year-old from Chelmsford, who just so happened to go to the same school as 2016’s newest star Rat Boy. He might only be 19, but he’s had quite a musical journey already, before forming as FREAK last November, he’s been in a death metal trio called Kill the Freak and apparently used to post quite the number of covers on his YouTube channel (these have all gone now though).

He’s been brought onto the line-up following the wise words of Elena Jimenez (Popped Music) and Andy Smith (Futuresound Events), so direct your thank yous to them!


Nova Twins

Over the past year or so we’ve seen Black Honey rise to have quite the reputation, we then saw them recruit Dream Wife – who are following in a similar suit –having recently supported Dream Wife, we have Nova Twins… are you seeing a pattern?

This East London act has been chosen by the brilliant John Robb over at Louder Than War and have managed to successfully mesh a multitude of genres together throughout their music, from rock and metal, to grime and even some pop’s been thrown in.

They recently released their self-titled EP, which arrived with a bang, to say the least, and has only assisted them in their slow-growing reputation that’s been catching eyes and ears all over the country.



These lovely ladies have been chosen by Lara Baker at Aim and have had quite the exciting past few months. Following a glowing recommendation from John Kennedy at Radio X and not to mention playing a sold out show at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival… the end of 2016 has certainly seen things fly in a positive direction for them.

From both London and Belfast, they’ve been creating attitude-laced pop-rock music that’s been blowing minds for quite some time now. Shauna Tohill and Collette Williams are definitely a pair that you need to keep an eye out for during 2017.


The Age of Luna 

If you’re after something a bit different that will definitely be – at the very least – interesting, then look no further. The Age of Luna (Live Under No Authority) have been taking old school 90’s hip-hop, keeping it at their core and moulding it to give it that modern edge… it’s working as well.

Chosen by Adam Ryan (The Great Escape), be sure to head to their show to catch their funky, glitchy beats, powerful vocals (seriously) and the incredibly talented MC skills work together in perfect fusion.



Having released his EP ‘Chirality’ last month, this 22-year-old, Liverpudlian singer describes his own sounds as ‘messy mind over raw, dark jazz’.

When you listen to him, you can definitely understand where he’s coming from, his vocals are full of emotion and a mature depth that is hard not to empathise with.

This is definitely not one to be missed, and we should all say a million thank yous to both Yaw Owusu (Nothin But The Music) and Mark Ryan (Amazing Radio) for ensuring that he’s in today’s lineup.