• Learn that ‘Babies Are A Lie’ with Amsterdam’s Pip Blom

    September 19, 2017  /  Pip Blom


    Location: Amsterdam FFO: Gurr, The Courtneys, Dream Wife Label: Nice Swan Records New track ‘Babies Are A Lie’ combines warming guitars and string accompaniment all centred around Pip’s undeniable gift for a standout [READ MORE]

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  • Phobophobes develop their signature sound for ‘Where Is My Owner’

    September 19, 2017  /  Phobophobes

    Location: South London FFO: The Moonlandingz, HMLTD Label: Ra Ra Rok Outlining a clear step up from their DIY basement aesthetic that we came to love. Phobophobes have progressed their sound, developing it to a [READ MORE]

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  • Puppet Rebellion prove how powerful they are with ‘Slave’

    September 19, 2017  /  Puppet Rebellion


    Location: Manchester FFO: Nothing But Thieves, The Blinders, Glass Caves Label: Unsigned With their debut album coming out later this year in November, Puppet Rebellion have released ‘Slave’. A track where everything about it demands [READ MORE]

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  • Get energised with Basement Bout’s ‘Facelift’

    September 19, 2017  /  Basement Bout


    Location: Vaxjö, Sweden FFO: King Nun, Baby Strange, The Bay Rays Label: Unsigned Full of energy, Sweden’s Basement Bout have released ‘Facelift’ the first new track of many to come our way and if this one [READ MORE]

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  • Contradictorily Iffy Orbit’s new track is anything BUT ‘Not Good Enough’

    September 19, 2017  /  Iffy Orbit


    Location: Oslo, Norway FFO: Lovespeake, The Wombats Label: Toothfairy “It’s punchy. It’s different. It’s Iffy.” A brilliant depiction of the sounds that come from Iffy Orbit, full of synths, high-energy beats, and melodies, not to [READ MORE]

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  • JUMANJI take us all ‘Higher’ on their enthralling new track

    September 19, 2017  /  JUMANJI


    Location: Brighton FFO: Orchards, Fickle Friends Label: Unsigned Highly melodic, complete with dreamy riffs and an enviable level of indie infectiousness; Brighton-based indie-pop six-piece, JUMANJI, have seriously blown us away with ‘Higher’.  

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  • ‘Opalite’ by Martin Luke Brown is the catchiest thing you’ll hear this week

    September 18, 2017  /  Martin Luke Brown


    Location: London FFO: Leo Stannard,Will Joseph Cook Label: LAB Records   With a new, poppier sound, Martin Luke Brown’s newest release is one of those tracks that grabs your attention [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Stuttering Mind’ is another fuzzy banger from Honey Lung

    September 18, 2017  /  Honey Lung


    Location: London FFO: Yak, Kagoule Label: RYP Recordings   Following the fantastic ‘Sophomore’, Honey Lung have gifted us with another brilliantly fuzzy beast of a track. Despite starting off delicately, [READ MORE]

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  • Yak are back with their wonderful cover of ‘All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My Life’

    September 18, 2017  /  Yak

    Location: London FFO: Ultimate Painting, VANT Label: Independent   The brilliant Yak are back with a cover of The Dixie Nightingale track ‘All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My [READ MORE]

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  • Grace Mitchell’s ‘French Becky’ is a spite fuelled masterpiece

    September 18, 2017  /  Grace Mitchell


    Location: Portland FFO: Verité, I Blame Coco Label: Republic Records   Grace Mitchell’s latest follows a flawless string of very impressive singles. ‘Capital Letters’, ‘Come Back For You’, ‘Kids (Ain’t [READ MORE]

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  • Swoon bear their intense, industrial and incredible ‘Teeth’

    September 18, 2017  /  Swoon


    Location: Brighton FFO: Arca, Grimes Label: Independent   Brighton’s Swoon have just released their new single ‘Teeth’, an exciting experimental track with swirling industrial electronics and intense percussion.

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  • Veronica Bianqui’s track ‘Victim’ has one hell of a powerful message

    September 17, 2017  /  Veronica Bianqui


    Location: California FFO: The Abigails, The Banks Label: Lolipop Records Garage-rock with an R&B twist, its Veronica Bianqui. With a powerful message infused in the lyrics, the track is a [READ MORE]

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  • NAO releases electro funk filled banger ‘Nostalgia’

    September 17, 2017  /  NAO

    Location: London FFO: Shy Girls, Majid Jordan Label: Little Tokyo Recordings Get down and get downright funky with NAO’s brilliant tune ‘Nostalgia’. NAO has an amazingly great track history, and [READ MORE]

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  • OYLS are back with their dreamy electro-pop tune ‘In The Light’!

    September 16, 2017  /  OYLS


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Lion Bark, Bear Mountain Label: Unsigned Everyone has a soft sport for dreamy electro-pop, and why wouldn’t you? OYLS are back, and don’t we know it? [READ MORE]

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  • Beauty Sleep don’t wake up ‘Until We See The Sun’

    September 15, 2017  /  Beauty Sleep


    Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland FFO: Pleasure Beach, Swimming Girls, Fairchild Label: Unknown Beauty Sleep don’t give up their, er, beauty sleep in new track ‘Until We See The Sun’. Taken from their forthcoming EP Nature Will [READ MORE]

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  • Wild Ones’ ‘Standing In The Back At Your Show’ is perfectly sedate dream pop

    September 15, 2017  /  Wild Ones


    Location: Portland FFO: Alvvays, Cults Label: Top Shelf Records   From their upcoming album Mirror Touch, ‘Standing In The Back At Your Show’ is the dreamy new single from Portland’s [READ MORE]

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  • Hey Charlie are back with the brilliant ‘Young & Lonesome’

    September 15, 2017  /  Hey Charlie

    Location: London FFO: Black Honey, Slotface Label: Machine   Following their fantastic introduction of ‘Hey’, Hey Charlie have released ‘Young & Lonesome’, a slower, more emotional song with all the [READ MORE]

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  • biLLLy and BETSY put their spin on Kanye’s ‘Runaway’

    September 15, 2017  /  BETSY

    Location: UK FFO: Ariana and the Rose Label: Sweat Entertainment   It’s always great when artists put their own mark on a cover. In a surprising twist, biLLLy and BETSY [READ MORE]

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  • Tove Stryke’s new track ‘Mistakes’ is her most dazzling yet

    September 15, 2017  /  Tove Stryke


    Location: Sweden FFO: Sigrid Label: Sony Music Sweden   One of the world’s most exciting pop stars Tove Stryke just keeps getting better. On ‘Mistakes’, one of her most openly [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to the undeniable pop hit ‘Ride The Wave’ by Cosmos & Creature!

    September 15, 2017  /  Cosmos & Creature


    Location: California FFO: Fickle Friends, Attom Label: Unknown Transport yourself back to the summer sun, ‘Ride The Wave’ is the perfect tune to take you to pure tranquility. A poppy [READ MORE]

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  • SHE get intimate on our debut of the week ‘Body Talk’

    September 15, 2017  /  SHE

    Location: Wolverhampton, UK FFO: Muna, Fickle Friends, Vaults Label: Lab Sounds T/A Killing Moon Electro-pop quintet SHE get intimate on debut single ‘Body Talk’. The Killing Moon signings emerge with a slinky slow-burning [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to BLOXX’s addictive new track ‘Coke’

    September 14, 2017  /  BLOXX


    Location: Uxbridge, UK. FFO: The Night Cafe, The Magic Gang Label: Chess Club With its indie rock riff and catchy chorus, this track is pop perfection and sure to be a [READ MORE]

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  • Time to ‘Go To’ Bassh in his smashing debut

    September 14, 2017  /  Bassh


    Location: Belfast / Nashville FFO: Cage The Elephant, Blossoms, Label: Unknown ‘Go To’ is the incredible indie rock debut UK single from Bassh (Belfast-born vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Brown of North Carolina [READ MORE]

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  • Get in high spirits with AMZY’s ‘Favorite Song’

    September 14, 2017  /  AMZY


    Location: Denver, Colorado FFO: Walk The Moon, Vampire Weekend, Fun Label: Unsigned An extremely upbeat track from Denver’s AMZY which will surely get you in high spirits in new single [READ MORE]

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  • Party Hardly blow brains in rollicking new track ‘Mindchanger’

    September 14, 2017  /  Party Hardly


    Location: Leeds, UK FFO: The Orielles, Happyness, Splashh Label: Unknown Party Hardly blow brains in rollicking new track ‘Mindchanger’. The Leeds four-piece build on their sludgy indie rock sound with bombastic aplomb, dragging [READ MORE]

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  • The Actions get charitable with latest single ‘Let’s Talk’

    September 14, 2017  /  The Actions


    Location: London, UK FFO: Garbage, The Kills, The Distillers Label: Available now via I Give You Give for a donation. All the income raised will go entirely to MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctor [READ MORE]

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  • Shamir’s new track throws it back to the ’90s Kids’

    September 14, 2017  /  Shamir

    Location: Philadelphia, U.S FFO: Perfume Genius, Lizzo, Kelela Label: Father/ Daughter Records Shamir throws it back to the ’90s’ Kids’ in his captivating new track. An ode to the meme generation with a wink [READ MORE]

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  • Sœur’s ‘Left Living’ will leave you sore

    September 13, 2017  /  Sœur'

    Location: Bristol FFO: Demob Happy, Tigercub Label: Unsigned Bristol three piece Sœur return with ‘Left Living’ following the release of their ‘What Separates Us’ EP in March and a series of festival appearances over [READ MORE]

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  • Swedish singer-songwriter Plàsi places people power in new track

    September 13, 2017  /  Plàsi


    Location:  Stockholm, Sweden FFO: José González, Passenger Label: UMI CREATIVE Inspired by the inequalities he witnessed on a recent trip to Brazil, ‘People’ by Swedish indie-folk singer Plàsi is a stripped back acoustic track [READ MORE]

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  • Oxford’s Low Island Go From Strength To Strength

    September 13, 2017  /  Low Island


    Location: Oxford, UK FFO: Pumarosa, Little Cub Label: Unsigned Oxford experimental electronic four piece Low Island combine subtle sounds and subdued indie songwriting on latest track ‘The Lines’. Opening with a dance groove, [READ MORE]

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  • Don’t talk to ‘Strangers’ – listen to it!

    September 13, 2017  /  Katie Herzig


    Location: Nashville FFO: Erin McCarley, Lucy Schwarz Label: Marion-Lorraine Records ‘Strangers’ by Katie Herzig is the second single to be released from her upcoming sixth album ‘Moment of Bliss’ (expected in early 2018). The [READ MORE]

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  • Drown in the downtempo tinged soul of WALLACE

    September 13, 2017  /  WALLACE


    Location: Sydney FFO: Tami Neilson, Little Dragon Label:  Unsigned From her debut EP ‘Pole to Pole’ out October 13th, ‘Black Lake’ brings a dynamic, cinematic side to WALLACE‘s usually upbeat sound. The New Zealand [READ MORE]

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  • Listen up to ‘Loosen Up’ – B00ty’s latest track

    September 13, 2017  /  B00ty


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Leach, Magic Bronson Label: Geffen Records On Loosen Up, B00ty combine 70s funk with 00s dance. The handclaps of the opening fade into the funk guitar of Nile Rodgers, before [READ MORE]

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  • Luke Underhill pulls at our heartstrings with love song ‘Wish’

    September 12, 2017  /  Luke Underhill


    Location: Chicago FFO: Jason Mraz, John Mayer Label: Unknown A beautiful rendition of a typical love song.’Wish’ starts out with stunning piano sounds, with emotive vocals. From the first few [READ MORE]

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  • Get up and dance with ‘Take Me With You’ by Juliet Ariel

    September 12, 2017  /  Juliet Ariel


    Location: France FFO: The Weeknd, SaNTINO Label: Unknown ‘Take Me With You’ is an adorable dance-y pop song. With sublime lyrics and an even more stunning voice, it is certain that [READ MORE]

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  • Swimming Tapes ‘wow’ us again with new track ‘Alison’

    September 12, 2017  /  Swimming Tapes


    Location: London FFO: Anteros, Toothless Label: Unknown Swimming Tapes impress us once again with ‘Alison’, a feel good catchy tune, that will melt your heart and wish that summer never [READ MORE]

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  • Chill out with Electro duo Silk Cinema

    September 11, 2017  /  Silk Cinema


    Location: London FFO: GLADES, Headclouds Label: Ferocious Label Services On ‘Say You Love Me’ London duo Silk Cinema combine ambient electronics with ethereal vocal lines. It is a chilled out track, which gradually adds [READ MORE]

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  • Come and play with vverevvolf in their ‘Cruel Games’

    September 11, 2017  /  vverevvolf


    Location: California FFO: VICE REINE, New Spell Label: Unsigned On ‘Cruel Games’ Californian electro pop duo vverevvolf mix modern vocal delivery, heavy drums and a synth soundtrack similar to ‘Twin Peaks’. Two [READ MORE]

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  • Cape Cub are a band in bloom with ‘Flowers’

    September 11, 2017  /  Cape Cub

    Location: NE England FFO: XY&O, Nightly Label: LAB Records The first in a trio of singles to be released on LAB Records, ‘Flowers’ sees UK indie poppers Cape Cub incorporate [READ MORE]

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  • Best Girl Athlete shines on ‘Baby Come Home’

    September 11, 2017  /  Best Girl Athlete


    Location: Aberdeen FFO: Lucy Rose, Mirah Label: Fitlike Records   ‘Baby Come Home’ is the latest track from 18 year old rising star Katie Buchan (Best Girl Athlete). With its [READ MORE]

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  • Morning Bear admits “You’re Right” on stunning folk ballad

    September 11, 2017  /  Morning Bear


    Location: Denver FFO: Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes Label: Independent   In this uplifting yet tragic song, Morning Bear confronts his own stubbornness to admit “You’re Right”. The track grows from [READ MORE]

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  • Royce Wood Junior brings the funk on ‘Well Ran Dry’

    September 11, 2017  /  Royce Wood Junior


    Location: London FFO: Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic, The Weeknd Label: Ebbsfleet   Combining funk, R’n’B, pop, hip-hop and soul, London’s Royce Wood Junior has crafted the perfect blend of styles to [READ MORE]

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  • Vasser’s ‘Puzzle Of Us’ is an intricate, sublime piece of electronic music

    September 11, 2017  /  Vasser


    Location: Kent FFO: BAYNK, Jon Hopkins Label: Independent   Taken from his stunning new EP, ‘Puzzle Of Us’ from Kent electronic artist Vasser is a sublime, intricate and beautiful track [READ MORE]

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  • Bad Sounds make Good Music

    September 10, 2017  /  Bad Sounds

    Location: Bath FFO: The Magic Gang, Baby Strange Label: Insanity Records Mixing the funk grooves as heard on previous single ‘Living Alone’ but with added samples, ‘Hot Head Chippenham’ sees Bath band Bad [READ MORE]

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  • Family Jools revel in rock on ‘American Dream’

    September 9, 2017  /  Family Jools

    Location: Bristol FFO: The Strokes, U2 Label: End Of The Trail Records Many of the best motifs of rock music are packed into this two minute track. A Strokes opening riff blends [READ MORE]

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  • Bellringer’s latest track is ‘All That You Need’

    September 9, 2017  /  Bellringer


    Location: American/Sweden FFO: Space log., Terrell King Label: Bellringer Productions After it was featured on TV series ‘Power’, we haven’t been able to get enough of Bellringer’s latest track ‘All That I Need’ [READ MORE]

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  • Lo-fi is the key in ‘Cephalaphoria’ from Radio Macbeth

    September 8, 2017  /  Radio Macbeth


    Location: Oregon FFO: Neutral Milk Hotel, Beulah Label: Unknown From their debut album, Bubblegum Wasteland, Radio Macbeth prove that lo-fi is the answer to the indie pop genre and delivers [READ MORE]

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  • Norway’s Pom Poko will make you better than ‘Fine’

    September 8, 2017  /  Pom Poko

    Location: Norway FFO: Hajk, Hvitmalt Gjerde Label: Unofficial Records With its swirling mix of synths, guitars and cowbells Norwegian art rockers Pom Poko sample many sounds on ‘You’ll Be Fine’, but manage to sound similar [READ MORE]

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  • Dama Scout’s ‘Sugar’ is Shoegaze gone Sour

    September 8, 2017  /  Dama Scout


    Location: Glasgow/London FFO: YOWL, Goat Girl Label: Hand In Hive Sampling shoegaze and a stoned punk sound, Dama Scout mix the bitter and the sweet on ‘Sugar’. Drowned and drowsy guitars build [READ MORE]

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  • Barns Courtney ‘Kicks’ out the jams on new track

    September 8, 2017  /  Barns Courtney

    Location: London FFO: Bishop Briggs, BANNERS Label: Virgin EMI Channeling churning guitars and stomping drums Barns Courtney’s latest track packs punk rock punches. A stripped back distorted verse makes way for what [READ MORE]

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  • Boniface subverts certainty with uncertainty on new track

    September 8, 2017  /  Boniface


    Location: Canada FFO: Micah Visser, Mabel’s Flight Label: Transgressive records On his latest single, Canadian alt popper Boniface combines complex lyrics with superb pop sensibilities. The song is a scrapbook of stolen images only [READ MORE]

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  • Listening to Girlhood’s new track would be a good decision

    September 8, 2017  /  Girlhood


    Location: London FFO: Cosima, IDER Label: Team Talk Records On ‘Bad Decisions’ London duo Girlhood (Christian Pinchbeck and Tessa Cavanna) set soulful vocals over subtle beats. The chilled out opening gives way [READ MORE]

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  • Hear Sea Girls and Get ‘Lost’ in near perfect pop

    September 8, 2017  /  Sea Girls

    Location: England FFO: The Night Cafe, Wild Front Label: Almanac Recordings Building on the success of the ‘Call Me Out’ EP indie pop outfit Sea Girls return with ‘Lost’. Packing [READ MORE]

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  • Honeyblood are having a swell time (who can blame them?!)

    September 8, 2017  /  Honeyblood


    Location: Glasgow FFO: Alvvays, Hinds Label: FatCat Records After the success of their break out record ‘Babes Never Die’ last year and the heavy touring which followed, Honeyblood return to their gut thumping [READ MORE]

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  • Sara Phillips’ track doesn’t just ‘Try’, it succeeds

    September 7, 2017  /  Sara Philips


    Location: New York FFO: Norah Jones, Sara Bareilles Label: Unsigned The follow up to ‘House on Fire’, Sara Phillips returns with ‘Try’ from her ‘Sea Change’ EP. Despite a floating, apparently weightless voice, [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Too Rough’ is pure alt-pop/Rn’B quality from Samson Ashe’s Debut

    September 7, 2017  /  Samson Ashe


    Location: North London FFO: Jungle, KWAYE, Aloe Blacc Label: 37 Adventures ‘Too Rough’ is the debut single that introduces us to the North London vocalist Samson Ashe. An alt-pop gem [READ MORE]

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  • A glittering debut from boy-girl duo LOVE SICK in ‘Bullet’

    September 7, 2017  /  LOVE SICK


    Location: Glasgow / London FFO: Cherryade, Avante Black Label: Aesop / B3SCi Somewhat ironically, LOVE SICK have created an infectious, glittering indie pop number with none of the cliches which [READ MORE]

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  • Dysplay emerge with catchy electronic hooks in ‘Long Way to Go’

    September 7, 2017  /  DYSPLAY


    Location: LA FFO: The XX Label: Unsigned After spending time working behind the scenes on music ranging from television scores to writing and touring with an eclectic range of artists, [READ MORE]

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  • The Brothers Moore’s ‘Careless’ is a solid alt-rock track

    September 7, 2017  /  The Brothers Moore


    Location: Tulsa FFO: Kings of Leon Label: Unsigned An alternative rock group made up of Brothers Billy and Bobby Moore, The Brothers Moore have delivered a solid alt-rock track which [READ MORE]

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  • Champion Electric’s ‘Trem’ is a glorious light-hearted ballad

    September 7, 2017  /  Champion Electric


    Location: Nashville FFO: The Sherlocks Label: Unsigned ‘Trem’ is a light-hearted ballad from Champion Electric that illuminates the hide-and-seek nature of relationships. With a youthful approach of pool days and [READ MORE]

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