• RAYE, Mabel and Stefflon Don get smoking hot on ‘Cigarette’

    February 23, 2018  /  RAYE

    Location: South London   FFO: Zak Abel, Anne-Marie Label: Universal Music Operations/Polydor Records   RAYE is preparing for summer time partying with her latest banger ‘Cigarette’, featuring contributions from Mabel and Stefflon Don. Bursting into life with a [READ MORE]

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  • Declan Welsh and The Decadent West rock out with their new ‘Shiny Toys’

    February 23, 2018  /  Declan Welsh and The Decadent West


    Location: Glasgow FFO: Rascalton, Shredd! Label: Unsigned   Taken from their upcoming EP, Declan Welsh and The Decadent West burst into 2018 with the eruptive new track ‘Shiny Toys’. The single will see the band tour the UK [READ MORE]

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  • Pale Waves win our hearts with celestial new track ‘Heavenly’

    February 23, 2018  /  Pale Waves

    Location: Manchester FFO: Dream Wife, Anteros, PVRIS Label: Dirty Hit   Goth pop-rockers Pale Waves have finally unveiled the remaining piece of their enigmatic puzzle to complete EP All The Things I Never Said: ‘Heavenly’. Those [READ MORE]

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  • The Vegan Leather are back with jovial soul uplifter ‘I Take American’

    February 23, 2018  /  The Vegan Leather

    Location: Paisley, Scotland FFO: Pelicandy, Upstairs Open Label: Unsigned   Scottish outfit The Vegan Leather release ‘I Take American’ ahead of their upcoming LP due to be released later in 2018. Taking an indie [READ MORE]

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  • The Pale White unleash their masterful chops all over ‘Loveless’

    February 23, 2018  /  The Pale White

    Location: Newcastle upon Tyne FFO: Keir, FRONTEERS  Label: ILLEGAL CINEMA   Channelling classic rock influences, The Pale White take a plunge into hard hitting teeth grinding rock with ‘Loveless’. Complete with hammering drums, slashed [READ MORE]

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  • Jo Goes Hunting shares the eclectic new track ‘Confusion’

    February 23, 2018  /  Jo Goes Hunting

    Location: Netherlands FFO: Palmsy, Canshaker Pi, 45ACIDBABIES Label: LGM Records ‘Confusion’ is the latest eclectic release from Jo Goes Hunting, the brainchild of Dutch musician Jimmi Jo Hueting. Following ‘Winner,’ this track is the [READ MORE]

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