• Sure Sure: Hands Up, Head Down and Listen Now!

    September 20, 2017  /  Sure Sure


    Location: LA FFO: Bay Ledges, Blond Ambition Label: Unsigned Sure Sure sounds like a dismissive statement, but dismiss these boys at your peril. They show a penchant for pop in [READ MORE]

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  • Souful Soleima finds perfection with Paper

    September 20, 2017  /  Soleima


    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark FFO: SAVEUS,Louis Rustum Label: Parlophone Music Etheral Danish garage pop singer Sarah Mariegaard aka. Soleima sounds sublime on new single ‘Paper’. Hot on the heels of last [READ MORE]

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  • To Kill a King; step 1 listen to this track

    September 20, 2017  /  To Kill A King


    Location: Leeds, UK FFO: Dry the River, King Charles Label: Xtra Mile Recordings This is a perfectly crafted work of orchestral arena rock. To Kill a King combine a killer [READ MORE]

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  • Chilled out Champyons Create Electronic Epic

    September 20, 2017  /  Champyons


    Location: Berlin FFO: LCD Soundsystem, Phantoms Label: Embassy Of Music Moving on from the more soul-RnB orientated sound of previous track ‘Dusty’, the New York/Berlin 3-piece Champyons return with electro-rock [READ MORE]

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  • My God – My Pleasure’s ‘Something is Something’ is catchy!

    September 20, 2017  /  My Pleasure

    Location: Hull, UK FFO: Foolish Atoms, Oedipus the King Label: The Adult Teeth Recording Company Enigmatic Lewis Young project My Pleasure returns with new single ‘Something is Something’. What this [READ MORE]

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  • Hey You! Hey Charlie Have a New Track

    September 20, 2017  /  Hey Charlie

    Location: London FFO: Dan Luke and the Raid, Parting Gift Label: Machine Hey Charlie demand attention. Following the grunge pop of ‘Hey’, the London threepiece are back with ‘Young and [READ MORE]

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