The Brighton pop sensation gets emosh on her Born Music playlist picks…

Yes, heartbreak may be a life changing, stomach churning and brain muddling trip, but there is the odd individual that practically revels in the turmoil. You could say that Lydia Evangeline is one such person. “I finally sucked the venom out,” she states in the opening lyric for her most recent single ‘Down’. “The poison in my veins has gone”. For all its moody intrigue and dramatically stomping beats, ‘Down’ is a reclamation of power and agency, its tale weaved by Evangeline’s commanding vocal. Check out our review of the track here.

Understandably, Evangeline has many an emotive song that has influenced her over the years. Check out a few of her choice picks that influence the writing of ‘Down’ in the Spotify playlist below, and hear your heart shatter in the process…

Billie Eilish – ‘when the party’s over’

Everything Billie Eilish releases rips out my heart, crushes it up, stamps on it, puts it in a blender etc. I love the emotion in this song. She sounds so broken and worn out, but the line “I’ll call you when the party’s over” shows she’s still got the power, she’s saying “no I’ll call YOU when it’s convenient for ME, thank you very much.”

Bülow – ‘You And Jennifer’ 

Gah. Love this tune. The chord progression, the vocals, the lyrics, the vibe. And can you get ANY break-up sassier than “F you and your new girl”?!

Lisa Hannigan – ‘Prayer For The Dying’ 

This one is maybe not so much on the theme of a relationship heartbreak, this song is definitely open to the listener’s interpretation. But again, I am so inspired by the emotional performance of this song, and the songwriting. This song is about the death of a person, but for me it evokes the heavy ache you feel in your chest when you experience the death of a relationship. Also, just Lisa Hannigan man, a musical angel we do not deserve (if you don’t know her you’ll recognise her haunting vocals from Damien Rice’s ‘9 Crimes’).

Lord Huron – ‘The Night We Met’ 

“I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you” *wipes away tears*

I used to listen to this song daily, but can now only listen about once a week as I was seriously worried about developing heart issues later in life from all the strain I was putting it under in listening to this stunningly heartbreaking song.

Nao – ‘Bad Blood’

Production wise, this was a big inspiration for me when writing the song ‘Down’. Even though my song is lyrically pretty negative, a wanted the vibe of the song to be super sassy and have a beat you can groove to. I can’t listen to Nao’s ‘Bad Blood’ without getting a serious case of stank face!

Julia Michaels – ‘Worst In Me’

I bow down to you, Queen of Break Up Songs. I really related to this song in its back and forth-ness. You can hear in the lyrics that she’s slap bang in the middle of working out whether to leave or stay, which is the same space I was in when writing ‘Down’. And again, like many of the other songs I’ve listed, she gives such a stunning vocal performance full of emotion.

Mumford And Sons – ‘Ditmas’ 

Something about this song wrecks me. I’m not sure this track will make much sense to listeners as an inspiration song for ‘Down’, as these two songs are sonic opposites – but I wouldn’t have ever written ‘Down’ if it weren’t for the inspiration Mumford have been to me growing up. Again, this is just a song that makes my heart ache, and when my heart ache’s I write songs.

Fenne Lily – ‘Car Par’

This song is bursting with quiet strength. Fenne Lily sings and writes with such depth and emotion, but manages to keep her vocals consistently delicate, she’s captivating.

Lydia Evangeline’s ‘Down’ is available now.