Following two brand new video releases and preceding their upcoming album release in January, we pinned down Leopold and his Fiction to talk best film tracks and scores. Frontman Daniel even put together a little playlist for you… we spoil you.

Check out the two new videos (above and below) and be sure to sink your ears into his delightful playlist.

Aren’t they great?!

The Murder of Don Fanucci – Marcia Religioso
Godfather II
“Ask your friends in the neighbourhood about me. They’ll tell you I know how to return a favour.
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking. The Rolling Stones  
Please Stay. The Cryin Shames.
The Place Beyond the Pines 
I didn’t see this song coming. Just when you think you’ve heard everything, it caught me entirely off guard. It struck my heart before it even touched my ears. I spent days reiterating/reevaluating everything Joe Meek is worth and the ground he laid for our music. I didn’t finish the movie for 2 days. I was rewinding and reviewing this one scene over and over. Until I just stopped the movie and bought the song. I did finally finish it, it’s a good film. 
Five Years. Seu Jeorge  
Life Aquatic
I haven’t heard anyone cover David Bowie the way this man can. It’s become his own song. It’s become his own album. With his translation, it breathes entirely new articulation into what this song can mean. Jeorge’s character in the film. A brand new way to twist and distort and align script with artistry and the iconic/virtuous familiarity of Bowie’s work. Unparalleled. 
Sunshine of Your Love. Cream 
I grew up listening to this song on repeat for years. When I first saw Scorsese’s approach with it, I was seeing the songs potential in its truest meaning maybe for the first time. There isn’t a more intimidating undiluted character than Jimmy Conway paired with this venomous riff.  
Waiting on a Friend. The Rolling Stones 
 I want to believe this scene  was written around this song. 
You’ll have to use your imagination or go watch the movie. Here’s another strong scene since I can’t find the one I’m talking about 
Memo for Turner.  The Rolling Stones 
Written for the movie. When I was growing up I thought this was the best Rolling Stones song I ever heard. I couldn’t believe the amount of imagery the lyrics could fit in each verse.  However, I couldn’t find anyone that knew this song. I witnessed it alone and had to deal with its impact accordingly. Sometimes I thought It was part of my imagination. Everything in this song defines to me what was great about what the Stones did before and after. A major focal point. I learned much later about the movie.
This Magic Moment. The Drifters
The Sandlot 
Wendy Peffercorn. Squints. Doc Pomus is my favourite love song writer. 
Heart of the Sunrise. Yes
Buffalo ’66
I never knew YES had songs that appealed to sounds I’d try to emulate. Finding music through scenes in movies, I believe is all I live for in regards to my career.
You’re So Young and Beautiful. Elvis
Jailhouse Blues
Elvis is a soundtrack. Name one of his hits and there is a good chance there’s a scene of a movie he starred in singing the song. Long before there was the music video. Elvis was defining what we as musicians all would attempt to re-envision. I love to see how far the movie makers would go to find a podium to fit one of the songs on with in the scripts. Both of these songs reflect this flexibility. And they are perfectly placed to move the stories along.
I Wanna Be Like You. Louis Prima 
The Jungle Book
King Louie in real life. Louis Prima.