Lounge music appears to be having a bit of a renaissance as of late. Groups such as HONNE, Oh Wonder or Broods have been supplying a steady stream of smooth tunes with no sign of the flow abating just yet, and latest to join the fray is London’s own KINDER.

Opting to depart from his days spent as an acoustic singer-songwriter, man behind the moniker Leo Wyatt has been dabbling in soul-tinged electronics under his new guise, and his debut EP Light is a bold first bid at cementing himself as a provider of sleek, classy R’n’B. Following hot on the heels of his first single of the same name, Light positions itself squarely in aforementioned territory; bold beats and basslines are habitual, offset with a jerky guitar line or sultry keys. In that way, ‘Keep Me Up At Night’ is an unapologetically sensual slow jam, Wyatt serenading to an unidentified other.


Despite being sonically absorbing (Wyatt is a multi-instrumentalist who performed the songs himself), through the course of the EP it is clear that Wyatt’s impressive vocal is the star of the show, shifting effortlessly from low croon to self-assured falsetto. The entirety of the EP is similarly poised, though never compromising its intimate atmosphere; closing track ‘So Real’ sees Wyatt strip back the production to its bare bones whilst intoning to a new love, wheras ‘Stone Cold’ featuring Teppa discusses the complexities of living a false life via groovy bass and dilla beats.

The strongest moment here though is still the title-track. ‘Light’ itself is the epitome of everything that KINDER is aiming to achieve; funk-riddled contemporary soul offset with slick harmonies and tales of intoxicating romance. And may the romance continue, if it means the world get a little more of KINDER’s creation.