Following the release of their incredible debut EP, Yawwn are tipped for success with their groove-laden brand of psychedelic Indie Rock

If you like your indie to come slathered in groove and psychedelia, then Yawwn are a band that you should be taking urgent notice of. The Wimbledon five-piece have a bass-driven, swaggering sound that alludes to contemporaries such as Metronomy and Tame Impala, though never feeling anything but unique. Their textured, nuanced, synth-laden style is perfectly showcased on debut EP Body I’m In, rendering it one of the most exciting debuts of the year.

With any luck, the band will catch fire, as their infectious and emotionally charged sound deserves no less. This is an outfit that packs personality, tight song-writing, danceable grooves, great vibes and even custom-made stage outfits. We managed to track them down for a chat, and find out a little more about the stories behind the sound.

Hi Yawwn. We love your new EP Body I’m In and the diverse sound you have created, what would you say were your biggest influences when writing these songs?

The sound of Body I’m In really came from an addiction to a few key albums and then trying to emulate certain elements of the textures we loved, with just out of the box logic plugins, a guitar and a mic. Having constraints with the gear you can afford (and know how to use) puts limits in your process that end up pushing you to try unusual things. Each song felt like an experiment, it was really that attitude which is how it found its sound.

Your latest single from this EP is ‘Mercy’, what is the story behind this captivating and infectious track?

Like a lot of songs, the idea came on the move. The perfume of an ex triggering memories and a mess of circular thoughts. It’s easy to get stuck in a headspace when you’re mourning a significant relationship, the song kind of latches onto that. That, and that sweet bassline.

How would you introduce the band to someone who is not yet familiar to Yawwn?

Like any good yawwn, our music is satisfying and infectious.

How would you describe your sound?

Not our words, but a review once called it ‘psych-flecked wonk pop’, which is probably pretty accurate.

In an EP that is full of unique songs and highlights, do you have a current favourite track?

Our current single Mercy is a favourite for all of us I think. It’s probably most indicative of the way in which we’ve been honing our sound since writing these first songs too, so it acts as a bit of a hint at Yawwn material to come.

The music benefits a lot from the slick production that is somewhat synonymous with your band, what is the creative process when cultivating this sound?

Thanks! The first EP was a very DIY affair, made possible by our very talented producer pal Louis Milburn. We recorded drum and bass with Lou at The Kinks’ old studio Konk in North London, but then did everything else from the comfort of our rehearsal space, without the benefit of an expensive studio/pricey gear. Lou then worked his magic across the past year leading up to the release and was super patient with us as we tweaked and amended bits here and there.

What would you like people to take away from listening to the EP?

Body I’m In is the first batch of songs we wrote over two years ago, so it’s quite eclectic in terms of styles and soundscapes. So, we want people to use the EP as an initial window into Yawwn’s world. We’re really excited about new tracks we’re working on for release in the near future, so hopefully this EP will spark that intrigue in people and they’ll want to make a return visit later in the year.

Do you have any tours or shows planned in the near future?

We just played at Hidden Herd’s all day festival down in Brighton, which was great. We’re supporting our friends Margot at The Five Bells in New Cross on the 20th September. And we’re currently booking in some UK tour dates and our first London headline show around Christmas, so watch this space!

What should people expect from a Yawwn show?

The things any great gig should bring, new friends, irresistible energy, and a band that’s not afraid to break a sweat, our shows are a party (and we like to dance). Visually we’re a 70’s cornucopia of cream, baby blue and burgundy. We worked with a brand called MC Overalls earlier in the year, who kitted us out with very, very neat stage outfits which we’re unshakeably pleased with.

And finally, what should we expect to see from Yawwn in the near future?

We’ve just headed into the studio to record EP number 2, the energy of the songs we’ve written for it has us very excited and desperate to get them ready for the world. We plan to release that around Christmas time. And we have a new single called Sin Happy which we’re going to drop over the next few weeks!