From local pubs, to making waves on BBC Introducing, White Noise Cinema are brewing something special coming out of the West Midlands.

Forming in the era we all know as ‘what was that?’ White Noise Cinema have been making moves since the noughties. Filled with ambition and dertmination,  here they stand as they plan to make even bigger moves going into 2019.

With Independant Venue Weeek on the approach, and the waves coming from Andrew Marston and Alex Noble on two BBC Introducing channel’s, we managed to catch up with Ben to get to know the personalities and influences behind the band:

Hi guys! Let’s begin with you front and centre, who is White Noise Cinema? And where are you from?
We hail from the trifecta of West Midlands small-town misery that is Bewdley, Kidderminster and Stourport. There are currently 6 of us. Used to be 7, but there’s only so much room on stage at the Dog and Duck. Our average age lingers somewhere around the late 20’s, but we smell so much older.

What’s the story behind how you met?
Three of us were part of an overly ambitious prog band in the dying years of the decade we now depressingly refer to as the noughties. We met at Kidderminster College, where we spend more time in the pub than at lectures. As for the rest? When you’re circling the gutter you always tend to pick up a few loose ends. Mercifully, those loose ends turned out to be pretty talented and pretty affable.

What have been some of your biggest highlights to date?
Thus far playing a show in almost complete darkness in the basement of a tattoo parlour and battling through the morbid hell of the beast from the east to record a live session we ended up scrapping anyway. Also. The pub.

You’ll be playing at The Marrs Bar on February 3rd alongside The Pink Diamond Revue and Legpuppy at ‘Uncover x IVC’s event, how much are you looking forward to it?

We love the Marrs Bar. It’s the only port in a storm nobody else can see. Uncover have been good to us so far too and the other bands on the bill seem to share our love of the bizarre and the cinematic, so it’s certainly a gig we’re itching to sink our collection teeth into.

Your unreleased single ‘Unpersons’ (great track by the way) was played on BBC Introducing Hereford and Worcester! How did you guys and your fans react?

Thank you kindly. Our ‘fans’ at this point are more friends, family and well-wishers really, but we appear to be picking up the occasional enthusiastic nod. I’d say the radio play was received well.

I mean… my girlfriend was pretty indifferent, but then she listen to James Blunt by choice so…

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?
That’s a loaded question! There are six of us, so that’s a lot of disparate (and desperate) inspiration to untangle. The obvious cornerstones would be Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails (who we steal liberally from) but our influences are pretty vast. Jim and I are devoted acolytes of Tom Waits, Beef loves his industrial electronica, Will and Tom are all about that Jazz and Funk and I’m pretty sure Chris is well into his ‘Jesus n guns’ country rock. It’s a strange brew. But it works.

When will we see an official release from you guys?
Soon. Ish. Once we figure out where we want to do with a music video. Hopefully sometime between now and when the sun eventually implodes… Or Brexit.

Are there any plans for more supporting gigs, or do you think you’ll start headlining?That depends very much on what kind of reception we receive over the next few months. We have just about enough material for a headline set now, but we want to make sure it really kicks before we let it loose. We’re trying to put together a light show. Right now it’s just bits of loose wire and a few broken CRT monitors. If anyone is selling any cheap stage lighting equipment, hit us up!

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you yet?
It’s loud, but not in an obnoxious way. Like the low roar of a cotton wool car crash. There’s also lots of wailing, fuzz and living machine noise. Imagine a shonky nightclub in the late 80s in some unnamed European city from a knock-off Bond movie. We’d be the ones supplying the tunes.

What are your goals for 2019?
Goals are for teenagers who haven’t had their wings clipped yet. We’ll just keep writing songs until somebody tells us to stop. A good tour with a like-minded band would be nice too. Otherwise, we’re easy like Tuesday afternoons.

To see White Noise Cinema perform live at Uncover’s, Independant Venue Week, gig on February 3rd tickets can be found here