Ahead of their huge upcoming London show, we caught up with The New Coast to find out a little more about the East London Indie Pop duo…

The New Coast comprises of Nick Blyth and Chris Cheater, two young men from East London who insist on making a home in your subconscious with their impeccably catchy brand of Indie Pop.

They have been consistently churning out high-quality singles throughout the last few years following their breakthrough 2016 EP Paraga Beach. Slowly cultivating a fan base with their unique sound and contagious melodies, The New Coast are headed on an upward curve.  We caught up with the duo to find out a little more about them.

Your new track ‘Blindsided’ is as infectiously catchy as anything we’re likely to hear this year, is there a story behind the song?

Thank you! Blindsided is about pining after someone that you know you’re wasting your time on, but you do it anyway. Specifically, it’s about a time in Paris, a moment just really stuck out to me.

How do you find working and performing as a duo? What do you feel you both bring to The New Coast?

We decided a couple of years ago to try writing as a duo & we never looked back. We never tell each other to shut up which is how we came about our sound, just experimenting with lyrics and sonically trying to push ourselves.

What do you feel are the biggest influences on your sound?

We get kind of obsessed with like 3 artists at a time and listen to them on repeat. But mostly, it all comes down to us telling a story. We listen to a load of soundtracks and watch old Hollywood films, as they inspire us to write songs that feel timeless, dreamlike.

How would you describe The New Coast to somebody who is unfamiliar with you?

It sounds like all your favourite films.

You’re just days away from your biggest ever London headline show, how do you feel ahead of this?

We’re mad excited. We’ve been prepping hard for the show. It’s so cool to see the venues grow and seeing new and familiar faces turn up to shows. I’m just looking forward to when we hug at the end, it’s our favourite.

Do you feel like this progression is coming because of the hard work you’ve put in over the last few years?

It’s been a goal of ours to play bigger and bigger rooms & it captures the sound of the band perfectly. It’s exciting to see where it can go.

Are there tickets left for the show? Where should people look to buy tickets if there are?

We have limited tickets left, but pretty much sold out now. Some tickets will be on the door!

What should people expect from your live show?

Playing live is such an intense experience for us. It all sort of comes to life like it wouldn’t on a record. This will be the longest set we’ve done to date, so we’re just ready to vibe off the crowd and see how they take some of the new stuff.

What are some of the highlights you have experienced together over the last few years?

We think every show we’ve played has been a highlight… touring is where we wanna be, it feels natural to be always moving for us. Hitting a couple million plays on Spotify for a single we put out was incredible & the support we’ve received is always beautiful.

What are the plans for The New Coast in the near future?

All will be revealed, but we’ve got big plans for the next release… music videos, short films. Soundtracking people’s lives is what we want to do, so we’re focusing on making the most infectious songs we can with visuals that’ll change perspectives.