After the recent release of ‘Cracks’, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab Copenhagen’s Soleima for a chin wag. ‘Cracks’ is a song all about hope “there is always light on the other side of something difficult” Sarah Mariegaard aka Soleima explains, which given the current social climate around the world is something that’s very important.

Produced with John Calvert after meeting through Soundcloud and falling in love with his work, Soleima wrote to him and as luck would have it John was a fan of her work too: “So, he sent me some beats and I instantly loved the ‘Cracks’ beat. I wrote the song and we sent it back and forth a couple of times.” The pair of them are still working together, so, hopefully, we’ll have more amazing music coming from them super soon.

Talking about the homemade video for ‘Cracks’, Soleima explains that she and her friends often hang out, filming with their iPhones, so the video came about very naturally. “It has been important for me to be a part of making the visuals for ‘Cracks’ and also the rest of the album”.

From Copenhagen, Soleima finds herself included in a whole musical community, where a lot of people make music together and help each other out, she explains that most of her music is made with some of her very best friends: “Vera and Vasco (Liss, Mø), who I met here are a big part of this project.”

Her upcoming EP will be set to include some pop tunes, but also “some tracks that people might find a bit more ‘alternative’, my producer calls it Garage Pop”. Once the EP is out and about, Soleima is already working on the new album, she’s been in LA to write some new material and then we should all prepare ourselves for a whole bunch of releases.