2018 has been pretty alright so far, hasn’t it? If for no other reason other than the arrival of Pizzagirl.

This lo-fi Liverpudlian artist’s debut track Favourite Song’ slid into our lives like an unexpected treat to the senses a few weeks ago and now we’ve been delivered yet another gem in ‘Carseat’.

‘Favourite Song’ opens quite ominously, creating quite the sense of mystery around Pizzagirl. But, contrary to what their name would lead us to believe, Pizaagirl aka Liam Brown is not a girl, nor has any affiliations with Pizza. Pizzagirl’s music ranges from quirky, ironic, 80s informercial-esque pop to darker and more introspective, European influenced electronica… and we love it.

‘Carseat’ provides another look into the musical capabilities of Pizzagirl. “Both the production and style are quite different from ‘Favourite Song’,” Brown explains. “’Carseat is a bit heavier with electronic sounds and percussion.”

“I hope that regardless of if my tunes are eaten in or taken away, they can still be enjoyed just the same! That would put a lovely smile on your boy’s face.”

The artwork to Brown’s tracks are pretty cool too, “I’ve been really interested in inverting colours and images with negatives,” Brown explains. “The two cover arts for the singles are portions of a larger image that will probably make more sense as the months go on…”

Taking inspiration from a lot of modern European electronic music, 80 and 90’s pop and movie soundtracks… specifically, the Dirty Dancing one, Brown’s eclectic sounds are more than understandable.

Having signed to Heist and Hit – signing with them whilst sharing pizza and champagne no less! – Pizzagirl is all set for a wild and hectic year. Having just announced that he’s off on tour with Her’s, the excitement is already rife. But what exactly should we expect from a Pizzagirl live show?

“I think one big aim for my live shows it, making it as fun and relaxing as possible. I want it to be a party more than a gig, where people can shake a hip and share a laugh at the expense of a lanky Pizzagirl boy on stage! I’d also like to get some cool pizza-related items on stage to create a little Pizzeria!” Sounds pretty great if you ask us.

He’s got big plans and we can’t wait to see them come to fruition, the question is… will you join us for a slice?