Find out more about Mirror Manor, the brilliant new project from Brontide’s Tim Hancock.


What inspired your great track ‘Diamond Dust’?

I think I’m often drawn to things with atmosphere, creating an intense mood is usually more important to me than the way it drops or the hook. I love how a song can suck you in so that often leads me to darker or more aggressive music, usually played at high volumes whilst driving.


How would you say the musical direction for this project differs compared to Brontide?

I still think I’m getting a handle on what the direction for Mirror Manor is! As with Brontide I’m just making the music that comes naturally to me and I enjoy creating. I’m still figuring out how to best translate what I write as a guitarist into what I make as a producer but as that improves the songs are getting better! Mirror Manor is undoubtedly very different to anything that I’ve done before however the initial writing process has remained very similar, just the execution has altered.


Has your creative process changed as a solo artist?

Most ideas still start on the guitar but I can then take these and develop them using Ableton. The way the software is set up allows you to make a jigsaw puzzle of different ideas and loops, so fairly quickly I can form what will be the bare bones of a new song. After that it’s all about zoning out with a pair of headphones on as you work on the detail. It’s tough, I constantly second guess myself without that affirmation from band members but you have to trust your gut.


Your remix of So Below’s ‘Luna’ is fantastic, would you ever consider collaborating on original tracks like this?

Of course! Having a vocal to work with is somewhat of a novelty to me but it’s a lot of fun! There is certainly more room in what I’m writing these days to feature vocals so it’s something I would like to explore.



Who are your favourite artists right now?

‘Just Dancing’ by Sylvan Esso has featured in every playlist I’ve made in the last 6 months plus a bunch of Le Matos and Carpenter Brut. I got to see Justice in Chicago over the summer, which was flawless and the new War on Drugs record has had several repeat plays.


How would you describe your 2017 in three words?

Trump, Donald & Fuck


What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

It’s heavier than Echo Trails and Diamond Dust and feels like more of an arrival of how I want Mirror Manor to sound. There are three songs and if you play one of them backwards you can hear a recipe for how to make the perfect chicken pot pie.