Defying labels, rising star Madge speaks to us about her latest single ‘Alice’, her pet cat/witch Bébé and more!

Quite like the arrival of Charli XCX and Grimes, sometimes a star comes around that makes everyone stop and take notice. Madge, a singer and producer based in LA, is definitely one of those people. Producing her own music and music videos, Madge is the definition of a DIY producer. Her pop sound is mixed with lo-fi and biting production that gives it an extra edge over a lot of her contemporaries. With only three singles to her name, it is amazing that she has already garnered such a big reputation in the underground music scene. As she describes herself, she in many ways defies genre labels, and that attitude is something that is her winning fans all over the world.

We managed to catch up with Madge after the release of her latest single ‘Alice’, a deadly pop song that contains everything from cat sounds to beat-boxing. Get ready for an interview with the singer that is quite possibly a wizard (her words, not ours).

Hello Madge! You’ve already had great success on Spotify, but for anyone that might not have caught onto the Madge hype, would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m Madge! I’m a DIY producer and quite possibly a wizard. I grew up in Utah but now I live in LA. I try to do as much as possible as often as I can. I usually make my music and videos from start to finish all by myself. I also enjoy wearing wigs and playing dress up.

You’ve just released the fantastic new single ‘Alice’. Could you give a one sentence pitch for the song for anyone who hasn’t already listened to it?

A spooky poltergeist finds tainted love in the form of vibey pop hooks.

Could you tell us a little bit about the creation of the song?

I based this song on a poltergeist named Alice who I’ve known for a while. In many ways she’s the alter ego to Madge. The sonic qualities of this song are also a contrast to my other songs – it’s darker and campy-er but groovier and chiller at the same time.

Where did some of the samples used in the song come from? The meow is a definite highlight!

Most are public domain sounds I found online! The loud meow is one of them. There is, however, another hidden meow that came from my pet cat/witch Bébé…

Would you say your music is heavily influenced by certain people, or is it something that is wholly you?

I’m influenced by a lot things and people. The Powerpuff Girls, Siouxsie Sioux, Princess Bubblegum, Gwen Stefani, France Gall, RuPaul, Mormonism, Celtic and Hebrew mythology, witchcraft, tarot, junk food, the internet. But my music is just what happens when I get in the studio and my neurons fire.

Do you have a mission statement for your music? What would you want people to take away from your music after listening to it?

My music is me. It changes. I don’t care about genre, I care about style. I’m not trying to fit in anywhere. I want to make something that attempts to harness chaos without trying to tame it or change it. And that means anything could happen. I hope and believe that that resonates with my peers.
Do you more music lined up?
Oh yes. OH yes.
Do you have any live dates planned?
Yep! I just played in New York and will likely be back over the summer. In the meantime I’ll be playing with Big Wild and Jai Wolf in July in Utah and in Denver for the Underground Music Showcase.