We are absolutely in LOVE with your song “Stay a Little Longer”. Can you tell us a little bit on what it’s about? What inspired it?
I mostly write about things I observe, like people’s attitudes and behaviours – I like to question why people do what they do. ‘Stay a Little Longer’ is about manipulative people, people who want to control you, but specifically those that are clever and charming in their approach. This can be in any situation, bosses, colleagues, politics, relationships. In a controlling and possessive relationship, the dominating partner will find it easy to make you feel like you are hurting them, even when you’re not – this is the Jekyll and Hyde idea in the middle 8.
If you had to describe your gig/music style when performing in 5 words, what would they be?
Alternative, feisty, thrilling, exciting and strong.
What can fans expect from these live shows?
Funnily enough, when it comes to live shows, I turn into my own Jekyll and Hyde, even I never know what to expect when I step out on stage. Somewhere in between the dressing room and stepping onto stage an alter-ego of mine takes over, we’re very similar but live Lots is much more wild and free. There will be a live band, big noise and such energy. I always want the audience to feel involved.
As you oversee most of the instrumentation, production, and programming on your release, what do you enjoy about it? Does it ever get increasingly hard?
It gets both increasingly hard and easy at the same time. Increasingly easy because the more you train yourself in something the better you are at it, the quicker and easier it becomes to accomplish certain things. But with that comes the hard part, remembering to be inventive and creative along the way – always trying to ‘out-do’ the last version of yourself and not just use the same tricks each time. I enjoy recording the instruments myself and I enjoy the production and programming part because then when the song is finished I know that it’s as close to what I’d originally heard in my head as can possibly be.
As you grew up in a small town in Cornwall, do you think it is mandatory to move to the bigger cities to get noticed? 
For me yes. Cornwall has a very small population, so moving to London was the best decision I ever made music-wise. You need to be in a place where you can try and reach as many people as possible, not just online but in person, so a city makes the most sense. Broaden your horizons by doing something scary, like moving to a huge city.
We would love to know what is on your most recent Spotify playlist, can you tell me what songs are on there?
I actually just made a Lots’ 25 most recently played songs… but here’s a few top picks.
Always Something – Cage The Elephant
You’re Mine – Phantogram
Murder to the Mind – Tash Sultana
Declan McKenna – Humongous
ABBA – Dancing Queen
(Yes that last one is 100% true).
Is there anyone you are dying to collaborate with?
I don’t collaborate much, or ever really. Mostly because I’ve never found someone it’s worked with. But I’d love to spend an afternoon with Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. His production skills are wicked.
What advice would you give out to new musicians starting out in the industry, like yourself?
Do not stop trying, do not stop working and do not stop reminding yourself that you are good and always getting better. But most of all I’d remind them to slow down – I’d tell them to embrace every opportunity, every meeting, every idea, every set of lyrics – make sure you savor the moments you are lucky enough to have, before chasing the next moment.
What was your best performance to date, and why?
I recently played a prime time slot at Pride in London in Leicester Square. I really enjoyed the gig. The atmosphere was so full of life, on stage with my band and in the crowd. It all happened so fast, but I remember it was epic.
Is there anything you can tell us about your forthcoming EP? Any other plans for 2017?
There is no set date for the EP release yet, but I think it will be around the end of September. No clues on name or artwork yet though – that’s secret – but to coincide, there will be a bunch of live dates and a lot more videos and online stuff too.