With his debut EP out this Spring, we spoke with Lorne about biblical phrases, covering Sting’s daughter and his ace new track ‘Bread Alone’.

‘Bread Alone’ is based on the biblical phrase ‘man shall not live on bread alone’, can you elaborate on its meaning in relation to the song?

The phrase ‘man shall not live on bread alone’ means that we require more than material things to truly live. For the most part, the song is about my decision to write music. The song is also about looking forward, taking chances and seizing the day.

‘Bread Alone’ was written a couple of years ago now, how has it, along with your other music, developed since then?

Yes, I released a demo version of Bread Alone a couple of years ago, which I recorded at home on my computer. I wanted to finish off the song properly by recording it on a grand piano. Samuel Rowe crafted a beautiful string arrangement for the song, which was recorded by Yoed Nir in New York.

You recently covered Eliot Sumner and took quite a heavy and electronic song and turned it into a slower, much more emotional one, what made you pick this song and what were you trying to express through it?

I like the chord progressions and lyrics for I Followed You Home. I also feel the emotion of the song and felt that I could take it on myself. Musically, I thought I could do something quite different with the song by stripping it back to a minimal arrangement with lots of space.

You’ve stated that your major musical influences are Damien Rice, Peter Gabriel and Ben Howard, but are there any influences we wouldn’t at first expect?

Yes, I generally go for melodic pop and rock, but I also listen to ambient music (Brian Eno), film music (Danny Elfman) and alternative artists like Björk, Radiohead and Sigúr Ros. I’m a bit picky if there are guitars involved, but I got attached to Radiohead’s album In Rainbows. Thom Yorke is definitely another influence for me.

The ‘Bread Alone’ video is about very dream-like, what inspired the idea and aesthetic?

I worked with film director Gonçalo Almeida for the video. We wanted to create a video that captured the atmosphere of the song, so we decided to shoot at night and use streetlights. The video is essentially a dream bookended by a shot of me sleeping.

Do you have any other creative outlets aside from music?

I tried art at school and they told me to drop it!

What can we expect from your upcoming debut EP Maze, in terms of theme and sounds?

The other songs on the EP are called Cocoon, Oil and Water and Navigate. I previously released a home demo version of Cocoon, so I am looking forward to releasing the final version. Like Bread Alone, the voice and piano are still centre stage, but there are also synthesisers, bass and drums. Greg Freeman produced the EP and recorded the drums. Greg is a very talented drummer, so it really helped to work with a producer who could arrange these elements.