Coming to the end of their UK tour, Lisbon have been welcomed back to the music scene after what feels like a decade, but is actually just a little under a year. We spoke with the Newcastle band to find out what exactly is going on with the lads.

Bursting back into our ears with the incredibly infectious ‘Tyler’, Matt, Joe and Alex explain to us how ‘Tyler’ “marks the start of a transition in sound for us.” When their previous band mate Gaz left the band, they saw an opportunity to experiment with new sounds and production and boy, are we glad they did!

“’Tyler’, musically, is a step in the right direction for Lisbon. It’s what we want to sound like – we’re incredibly happy with the results” they guys comment. “Lyrically, we wanted to explore the idea of the lost generation. This ideology that people end up working jobs they hate dreaming of “the California sun”” they explain.

Using the symbol of Tyler Durden from Fight Club, who infamously rallies the masses against the establishment for inspiration, Matthew Varty explains to us how “we’re all famous when we’re young. We all dream, but I think the biggest tragedy in life is that many people stop dreaming at some point in their life – which is an infinitely sad thing”.

In addition to the dreamy sounds of ‘Tyler’, Lisbon shared some excellent animated visuals to go with it that were actually created by Jonathan, Varty’s little brother and luckily for us, it seems that won’t be the last we see of his talents: “It was great working with my brother on this, he’s a really talented guy. He really gets the vibe and is currently working on an animation for our follow up single. He’s also directing a documentary which focuses on the process of recording our new EP.” Varty informs us.

Currently amidst a string of UK tour dates, ending this Saturday with their set at Live At Leeds festival, we couldn’t resist the chance to find out more about their tour antics.


You’re currently on tour this month! What’s your favourite and least favourite part about performing live?

The least favourite part of performing live is playing a gig that doesn’t live up to expectations. We want to play the best gig possible and when that doesn’t happen we tend to be really hard on ourselves.

There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of a great gig. When everything goes right, the crowd is brilliant and we raise the bar in terms of performance, the feeling is truly ecstatic.


Have there been any tour highlights so far?

We’re only a few days in at the time of writing this, but honestly, the highlight so far has to be the van we’ve acquired. It’s a fantastic little three-man berlingo, very cosy, but very reliable. Much better than doing the tour in two cars like we have previously!


Most interesting venue you’ve ever played?

Hard to say really, perhaps Koko in Camden, the architecture is beautiful – it’s almost staggering when you look up on stage and see the raptures above you.


Most energetic crowd?

Hard to beat a hometown crowd! Our first show of this tour was absolutely mental – I think somebody broke their nose, actually. Poor fella.


Weirdest thing to happen to you on stage?

Bit of a rock n roll cliche, but we had some flashers at a gig down south not so long ago – that was very interesting. Weird, maybe, but definitely interesting.


Favourite and least favourite song to play live?

Any of our new ones have to be the favourite. It’s usually the case as they’re fresh and energised. But particularly at the moment, we’ve never been so at peace with the music we’re producing, so Tyler, Preach, any of our new tunes have to be the favourite.

I hate playing Khaleesi.

You’re playing Live At Leeds at the end of the month to finish off the tour, what kind of things have you got planned for the show?

We’ll have a shorter set in Leeds, with it being a festival slot, so we plan to prioritise the new songs, and showcase what we have to offer.


Once the tour has all wrapped up Varty explains that that by no means signals a break for the guys. Planning to follow it up with more festival appearances, plenty of recording and maybe even some more support and headline tours! Plenty to keep your eye out for!

Catch Lisbon live at Hit The North festival in Newcastle 28th April on Friday and Live at Leeds festival on Saturday 29th April.