Having just completed a UK tour stint with northern lads Plaza, London’s Haus today have released their brand new video for recent banger ‘Say What You See’. We recently caught up with the band to find a bit more out about the minds behind the music.

“We and Daniel actually wrote the song before the Brexit results were confirmed. I guess we drew some inspiration from that” they muse. “We wanted to address the self-contradictory system we live in today. We live in a world built from thought, but it’s almost frowned upon to think outside the box. We use words like ‘war’ as a mask to make murder acceptable and to try and prove that killing is wrong. We ALL know the way we are living is unacceptable, but we fear to do anything about it” they extend, making it explicitly clear that this is something that they’ve put quite a bit of thought into.

Speaking of the video, which acts as almost as a love letter to London, aptly featuring a poem from Cecilia Knapp topping the whole video off as a powerful, moving piece of artwork, celebrating diversity at it’s best. “Our aim is just to open people’s minds a little bit, nothing scary, but more epiphanic.”  

It’s no surprise, though, that their video is anything short of great, following the 360 effort for previous track ‘Levels’. “We have an exceptional creative team behind us and together we just wanted to replicate the songs, meaning, and instrumentation is visual form.” It’s fair to say that they’re definitely succeeding, too.

Aside from the stream of exquisite creative output that’s come from them, they’ve been taking their talents around the country, from London to Newcastle, to Manchester, to Bristol their journey to take over the world is well under way. “We’re always excited to hit the road. It’s our favourite part about being in a band, it’s always good to try out new songs.” And since meeting Brad from Plaza is Middlesbrough four years ago, they found the perfect tour mates in the Hartlepool lads.

With the tour behind them and festival season fast approaching, 2017 shows no signs of slowing down for this London band. Due to play the Dance stage at Reading and Leeds this year, it’s sure to be one heck of a party… get familiar with the name Haus, as it’s one you’re sure to start seeing around, a lot.