Sliding nicely into the new wave of pop music that we’re increasingly hearing, Dusky Grey are here for you as we ease our way into autumn.

Off beat and full of tropical tendencies, we think… no, we know that you’re gonna love this new duo. Quick not to take themselves seriously, the pair are always trying to outwit each other, they’re here armed with two mega bangers in both ‘Told Me’ and ‘Call Me Over’ and ready to make their mark.

Both originally working on individual solo projects, they paid had mutual friends and knowing of each other, but having never met, they connected on ye olde Facebook and from there, thankfully for us, decided to write together.

‘Told Me’, the pair’s energetic debut, was put out with no real plan in mind. Unsigned, unmanaged and as they say not “even a band yet”, something just felt right. “We did the opening line of the chorus and booked the studio before we even finished writing it” they explain.

Their recent hit ‘Call Me Over’ has a bit more planning behind it: “When we started getting label interest, it was a really scary time. We immediately dropped out of University, decided to be a band and just really help each other through what was about to happen – big or small” they tell us. “We sat on a living room floor for nineteen hours and just wrote songs. ‘Call Me Over’ started that day, it was just about being who we wanted to be, ridding ourselves of any toxic people we’ve stood by and finding our support system.”

“We really felt like we found our sound with it.  Lyrically it was so honest and so fitting to that time in our lives, we loved it.”

When it comes to inspiration, they look to real life, preferring to write about real stories, “a lot of the time a mutual friend will talk to us about what they’re going through and we’ll write about it” they reveal.

It’s clear that this is just the beginning for this dynamic duo, with many tracks under their belts that they’re hoping to release to us very soon, not to mention plans for a possible EP/Album. They’ve been hidden away crafting hits for us and we for one cannot wait to hear them.