The American trio are firing out a triptych of EPs beginning with latest release LAUNCH, so we grabbed them for a chat!

Who doesn’t love a bit of pop punk? If that person is you, we hasten to confess you’re in denial! When it comes to American trio DREAMERS, it’s hard to deny that they take stock from that field even though their music has pop sentimentalities running through its veins. Hook heavy, massive sing-a-long choruses and packing a punch to boot, latest single ‘Screws’ is a festival ready anthem that is set to be a surefire pleaser with their fanbase when they set out on their mammoth U.S tour this September and October.

New EP LAUNCH ups the ante on their previous outing, 2016’s This Album Does Not Exist, and it’s high time they were earmarked as ones to watch on the alternative rock scene. Jacob Wick and Nelson of the band took a pitstop with us to lift the veil on LAUNCH and their touring experiences…

We really loved your single ‘Screws’! It’s a tonne of fun – can you tell us a little of how you brought the track to life?

We appreciate the love! This is one of the very first tracks we wrote together as a band for the new record. This was also the first time we collaborated with our good friend Dylan from Rad Horror. We usually will have an hour of brainstorming ideas that usually sounds much like a couple friends catching up.  I remember Nick made a comment about being so consumed in an unraveling relationship that you begin to feel like you are falling apart. The comment definitely inspired the lyrics of the chorus which quickly snowballed the reason of the song. Musically we all like to jump around a lot, grab different instruments and really just play around. I remember this day feeling very much like a creative playground of sorts.

You previously said that ‘Screws’ “is a tortured love song about losing your mind”. Can you expand a little about what was inspiring you when you wrote it?

I think one of the reasons this song came together so quickly is the fact that all of us have experienced heartbreak in our lives that got us to the point of feeling out of control. It felt like ‘Screws’ is an honest confession in a lot of ways. Things we would never chose to say while in a relationship with someone, but very much real.

You’ve cited 90s industrial music as an influence, but wanted to make its lovelorn intensity fit for 2018? How do you feel you have brought that sentiment into your new EP Launch?

We’re heavily influenced by 90s music in general: grunge, garage rock, riot grrrl, industrial. There was indeed a certain intensity to the music of the time and an attitude that didn’t shy away from the darker sides of the human spirit and relationships.  Our worldview is ultimately positive but the hardest experiences are often the most important ones.  The ones that can transform a person. There’s a lot of that on the EP and the music to come, so drawing from stylistic shades of that era seemed appropriate.

‘Fake It Till You Make It’ is a real anthem for anyone who had ever felt a little out of their depth. Was there a particular time where you felt that this was you?

“Fake It Till You Make It” is totally about starting a band or getting any ambitious effort off the ground.  Starting DREAMERS 100% felt that way.  People tell you it’s crazy. People tell you it won’t work, but when you believe in something, sometimes all you can do is project its success until it arrives.  Belief is a very powerful thing and we believe fiercely in what we’re doing.  Now we have a truly amazing fan base that does too.

What are you most proud of in regards to creating your new EP?

We’re proud of the growth we’ve experienced as a band and as people. To us, LAUNCH EP is a fitting first chapter to exactly what we set out to make, without compromise.  The last couple of years have been a whirlwind of experiences that changed us. Some amazing things, some hard things, but ultimately life experiences we’re certain people can relate to.  We’re proud of how it’s been received, that the songs are finding their way into people’s lives  and providing some joy and some meaning.

Belief is a very powerful thing and we believe fiercely in what we’re doing.  Now we have a truly amazing fan base that does too.

Your music if full of energy and we imagine it goes down a treat live! What it the best gig you’ve ever played and why?

Oh boy…Where do I start? We’ve had the honor to play what seems to be and endless list of amazing shows in the past couple of years. Here’s a couple off the top of my head. The first would have to be Lollapalooza; this was one of the first times we experienced first hand that people were willing to give us a listen and see what we are all about. I remember we were setting up with 30 minutes until showtime and everyone that watched the previous band had left. I thought for sure we would be playing to nobody. Within 15 minutes of our set the whole field was full of people. We couldn’t even see where the crowd ended. The people were ready to party as soon as we hit the first chord. It made for one of the most memorable milestones of this band’s career.

Another great show was our set at Bonnaroo this year. This was another show that we didn’t really know what to expect because we had never played Bonnaroo, but we were met with the most welcoming hyped crowd that I can remember to date. There is nothing quite like a sea of people that are all willing to give you their attention and energy. It totally effects the bands experience and performance in the best possible way. It’s a high that keeps us chasing the next.

And alternately, the worst?

I could go on and on about all the worst shows we’ve played, haha, but the first that comes to mind was not that long ago. We were half way through a tour and usually at this point everyone is working seamlessly as a well oiled machine. Now, this particular venue we were playing which I will not mention was run by a man who was the furthest thing from professional. Reason One- He was completely wasted when we showed up. Smelled of whiskey and Coca Cola. Reason number Two- He could not remember our production manager, Tyler’s name to save his life. It’s hilarious now but I remember it got so bad that I had to call him out because he asked me for the sixth time what Tyler’s name and ten seconds later called him by the name of Brian… Reason Three – He kept smoking inside the venue which apparently isn’t allowed because his coworkers were yelling at him from across the room to put it out. Haha, it was awful. Luckily it didn’t effect the actual show.

You’ve recently been on tour with pop punk goliaths All Time Low. What was that whole experience like for you as a band?

All Time Low is one of the most hospitable and loving bands that we have toured with. Huge respect for those guys. If we could do it again we would in an instant.

What did you learn from watching them perform every night? Did they offer any words of advice?

They really know how to throw a party. They also have one of the most dedicated fanbases I’ve ever witnessed first hand and I think it has a lot to say about not only the quality of their music but also the personality of the band. I’ve always looked at music as a type of therapy for people and these guys are some of the best therapist out there.

What band or artist first inspired you to pick up your respective instruments and start making music?

For me personally, it was my parents. They are both musicians and encouraged me in my obsessions with music. I was hooked form the time I could remember.

If you could collaborate with one artist – dead or alive – who would it be?

Michael Jackson. I’d be a nervous wreck but I feel that in one day with him I could learn an endless amount of wisdom. Id trade that for the embarrassment of being completely out of my league, haha.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2018?

We’re going on an headline tour throughout the U.S. this fall, bringing some amazing artists with us (Weathers, Morgxn and Rad Horror).  We’ll be releasing the second EP soon, and tons more music is in the works.  Long term we want to see how far we can take this ride, the future is always uncertain but we approach it with no limitations.  We hope to be touring internationally in the near future. We’ll take it the moon if we get the chance.  We want to continue expanding our minds in our music until the end of time.

Dreamers’ new EP LAUNCH is available now.