Making their official debut at the beginning of this year, Diana Wolfpack have been on one busy journey ever since.

Dynamic indie-rock band Diana Wolfpack made their electrifying debut with ‘Somewhere’ earlier this year, followed by their most recent single ‘Jane Russel’. Built up of veterans of the Liverpool music scene, the band have had their busiest season to date, honing in on their sound and testing out further material the band have been busy performing live across the UK.

We caught up with them to finally sit down, and get to know their story so far.

Hello James, John, Tom and Rob! How have 2019 been for you so far?

Busy, between the gigs and the singles we’ve probably done more in the last 3 months than we have in a few years. We’re having a good time with it all, travelling around, playing some new places, meeting people, it’s a laugh really.

Could you give readers an insight into your background as a band? Where do you come from, what’s the story behind your name, and more?

We’re from Liverpool, we’ve all known each other for ages. Most of us have been mates since school but we’ve never really been in a band together. We were always the odd ones out in other bands. We were a bunch of misfits who never really fit what everyone else wanted.

But as a group, it just worked. We couldn’t pick a name for months, we were trying to make sure whichever name we landed on wasn’t already used, so some of the names we had were a bit out there. We were actually trying out the name “Dino Wolfpack” at first, but everyone thought we were saying Diana instead of Dino and it just sort of stuck. The only problem we’ve had is people thinking that one of us IS actually Diana. Let’s just say we’ve had more than a few unusual responses online, especially after we put out the cover art for Jane Russell.

We first met when you debuted with ‘Somewhere’ earlier this year, how did you find the reaction from fans?

We were really happy with it when it’s the first thing you release I think everyone’s always a bit nervous, but it went better than we thought, even people who wouldn’t normally listen to our stuff have really liked it.

We did have a few people complaining that it was stuck in their head, but we can think of a lot worse things for people to say.

What / who would you say has inspired your sound as a band so far?

Individually we’ve all got a lot of different influences, so we take little bits from everything. A lot of our songs have a very 50’s feel to them, but we like to mix in some grungey elements and get a bit heavier as well. If we had to pin it down, we’d probably say it’s like the Beatles if they had distortion. We’ve got a lot of love for the Pixies, the way they use dynamics is something that we’ve always found interesting and they’ve given us a lot of inspiration over the years.

Your latest release ‘Jane Russell’ is certainly a catchy one! What’s the story behind the track featuring the stunning actress?

Jay is a huge film fan, he watches a lot of classic films and there’s a few songs we’ve worked on that come from that. She’s one of his favourite actresses and a lot of people aren’t as aware of her compared to some of the other big names from that time. The song came from watching “The Outlaw” which was Jane’s big break.

We can see on social media you’ve been gigging a lot lately, are you prepping any new live material that hasn’t been released yet?

Definitely, to be honest we tend to put together songs quite quickly. 9 times out of 10 if we start working on a new track, we somehow find a way to get it into the setlist in a couple of days so we can try it out in front of a crowd. We’ve been playing live a lot lately but it’s not weird for us to throw in a new track the night before a gig, it helps to keep things fresh so people aren’t always hearing the same songs.

Outside of music, what do you tend to do? Do you have any hobbies that might catch the eye of any new readers?

Well, James spends most of his time outside of the band making B action movies and harassing Ridley Scott.

Tom grows fruit and veg, mostly to make his own wine and cider though, he and John both do martial arts.

Rob likes to travel, particularly to Japan and he cooks a lot, he’s vegan so he likes to try out new recipes to help keep things interesting.

Aside from that, we’re all big gamers.

How have you found your writing process so far?

Intoxicating, no seriously when we get together to write it tends to involve some drinks, thank god we can record things on our phones, or we’d probably lose half our material. To be honest, writing is probably the thing we find the easiest, we’ve been writing together for a while now so we sort of know what direction things will go in. Sometimes there’s an idea we can just flesh out into a whole piece, or someone brings an almost finished song, but other times they just happen in the moment, those are always fun.

Can we expect to see any music videos in the future? And if so, do you have any wild ideas already on your minds?

We’re working on a few wild ideas for some of our new songs. We’re exploring a bit of an aquatic theme at the minute but finding some scuba suits has been a little tricky. Once we’ve got all the details ironed out, we’re hoping to have one ready later on in the year.

Finally, what’s Diana Wolfpack’s next move?

We’ve got a lot of gigs planned for the rest of the year and we’re gonna be heading back into the studio in the summer. It’s going to be a year of firsts for us, we’ll be working on our first EP and fingers crossed we’ll get our first video out as well. After the first two singles, we’re really excited to get some of the new songs out there.