The rising London artist is set to make waves…

He may only 17 years old but Daniel Briskin is creating music that far belies his years. Latest single ‘Come With Me’ sees him take bassy R&B rhythms and tones and infuse them with the sound of summer. Think the sophisticated chops of Honne or SG Lewis, overlaid by Briskin’s cool and soulful vocal.

Taking stock from the likes of James Blake, Mura Masa, Blood Orange and Frank Ocean, and putting a contemporary twist on his love of nostalgia, Briskin is set for big things. We grabbed him to tell us a little more about his latest single, pursuing a music career at such a young age and his favourite summer anthems…

We’ve really been loving your latest single ‘Come With Me’! Can you tell us a little about how you brought it to life?

Normally I walk into the studio with a clear idea of what I want to make, but I remember walking in with no ideas at all. I was just listening to a few songs and kind of realised they all fit in with this dark but summery 80s vibe. I thought that it was slightly different to what I was doing at the time but it really started to work and come together. I used a load of retro synths to try and emulate an authentic 80s sound and took it from there.

What does the song mean to you?

Well it’s kind of a song about a new flame and obviously with what I write about it has to correlate with my personal life so yeah, maybe there’s something there.

You use chilled out R&B to really capture the vibe of summer. How did you come to land on your current sound?

Well, I feel like as a creator it’s hard to be confined to just using and displaying one type of sound. I think that obviously there is a sound that works for everyone and that comes from experimenting with different genres. Although I’m only 17, I’ve been producing for a while now and as you progress you pick up different skills and you learn how to adapt. That being said, in terms of being an artist I feel like it comes down to what you feel comfortable putting out.

What is your favourite summer song?

‘Midsummer Madness’ is just so good, I absolutely love the whole 88rising squad. (You can hear it on Daniel’s playlist below!)

You’re only 17 and already have such an accomplished and confident sound. When did you find confidence in yourself as an artist?

I mean, I felt like I knew from a young age where I wanted to go with my music, but in terms of where it would be best to move forward I feel like that’s been a sort of new revelation. I suppose you gauge a better understanding of yourself and your own music once you’ve made that vital step into the music industry.

You study vocal performance at BIMM. How has being around so many other passionate artists and songwriters helped improve you as an artist?

Yeah, so I thought it was such a great environment. It was so great that I could connect with people on the same wavelength as me.

When did you first realise that you had a talent for singing? Was there a memorable moment?

No not really, I had been told from a young age that I just always enjoyed music. I remember the first time I had any sort of singing lesson though. My Mum had taken me to a voice coach for the first time when I was eight, and I just remember her sitting there laughing cause I couldn’t do the tongue twisters. I think it was probably through the help of my voice coach that I started to garner the sound that works for me.

Are you from a musical family?

Yeah, my Dad used to be a drummer so there was always a drum kit in our house, and that’s the first instrument I started learning. As well as this, my parents would refuse to play nursery rhymes and music made for kids so instead I would be listening to The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. I’d like to think that gave me a deeper appreciation for music.

Are there any artists who you would say have had a lasting influence on you? Who and how?

Within the last few years there’s been no greater influence on me than Frank Ocean. I think his lyrics are just so real and the melodies he comes up with are so intricate and just inspiring.

You’re said to be working on a debut EP. Is there anything you can tell us to whet our appetite?

What I can say now is that we’re working towards something. I don’t wanna say to much incase the concept becomes redundant.

What else have you got planned for 2018?

You can definitely be on the look out for some new songs. I’ve got some stuff in the pipeline which I’m exited to share with everyone. Hopefully you’ll get some more tunes very soon.

‘Come With Me’ by Daniel Briskin is out now. Check out Daniel’s playlist of his favourite summer jams below!