SO, April’s instalment of FUTURE CUTS is almost upon us and this month’s headliners are the brilliant HOLY OYSTERS! The French indie psychedelic band return to British shores to play The Finsbury Pub in North London with support from Beach For Tiger and atmospheric solo artist Bryony Williams.

To celebrate the occasion, the band have created a playlist of their favourite pre-show tracks to get them pumped! Read on to find more….

What can audiences expect from your live show?

Live, we try to take the songs further. As we can’t play exactly everything that is on the record and because we don’t want any backing track, we try different arrangements, we develop the songs in a longer and more experimental format, we leave some jamming space, and we play everything organically.

What is your favourite song to perform live and why?

I think it’s a different one for each member, some would say one from the next record we are making cause it’s new and fresh for us, and the song seem to work well with the crowd, some would say ‘Take Me For A Ride’ cause the response from the crowd has always been very good and we are so grateful for that. It’s basically a fun song to play, more hip hop groove oriented, and me develop it in some word fun way so the song seem to never end; it’s always a great moment of live tension right before that breaking point.

What is your most memorable gig and what is the reason why?

The last one at Yoyo was pretty amazing, there were just crazy good vibes there. There was also the one when we supported Hiatus Kayote, we are huge fans so it was awesome to open for them.

Personally there’s this odd gig that I think I’ll remember forever: it was for a private event, in this huge auditorium, and there was like 20-30 people in the crowd in front of us. It was really weird but we had sooo much fun on stage, and even though the room was almost empty we had a great connection with the audience. There was so much room around them that they could dance around like crazy it was fun to see!

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

We have five medallions that we wear on stage, the five « Holy Oysters », so we all gather round, we put them on, and all form a circle with the whole team: the technicians and management, and we put our hands on top of each others’ to make energy flooooowwww.

What is the best band that you have ever seen live? Do they influence your own performance?

Wow, I think it’s impossible to say one, and it’s different for all of us, but I off the top of my head I think could roughly say Magma (with the mëtallïk orkesträ), Snarky Puppy, James Blake, Anderson Paak, Andy Shauf.

Holy Oysters play Born Music’s live new music event FUTURE CUTS on Saturday 15th April at The Finsbury Pub in North London. Head here for more info – oh, and it’s FREE ENTRY.