Let’s face it, it may have only just reached the 31st October, but you are already a bit “Halloweened” out. You’ve been prepping since pumpkin spiced latte and did the dressing up thing last weekend, plus unless you have hungry children, who really wants to leave the cosiness of your sofa on an autumn eve. So grab a blanket and any leftover Easter choc instead, as we’ve rounded up some of the stranger music vids ever to haunt our screens.

Bat For Lashes – ‘What’s A Girl To Do

You wouldn’t think that cycling through a forest could weird you out, but cycling through a forest, at night whilst an eerie, carousel-like tune plays in the background sets a nice start. When the animal hooded BMXers and ghosts appear (and disappear), it all gets a bit Donnie Darko. It’s perfect Bat For Lashes, left-field – or unsettling – but in a charming way.

Daft Punk – ‘Prime Time Of Your Life’


Daft Punk are the perfect Halloween costume, yet they are not a pair from which you would expect to find a squeamish video. Sure, they have always been creative – they gave us the anime short Interstellar 555 after all – but their video for ‘Prime Time Of Your Life’ is weirder than all of the rest. If you aren’t fond of flesh and bone, look away now as there is a full peeling going on here, and set to one of Daft Punk’s lesser known songs, it’s the perfect combination of stomach churning.

HEALTH – ‘We Are Water’

A man chases a young girl in a red dress through the forest. He weilds a machete and both of them are dripping with blood. Who’s blood it is, is unsure. There is something so visceral in the brief tale portrayed here that, in watching it, you feel all sorts of uncomfortable. It is not for the squeamish however – and that comes with the twist. It’s gory, it’s creepy and all sorts of brilliant, only intensified by HEALTH’s pummelling gurn. Oh and it’s very graphic; director Eric Wareheim (of Tim and Eric fame) sure has a wild imagination.

The Cure – ‘Lullaby’

One of The Cure’s best, in regards to both song and visual; who really wants a ghoulish Robert Smith clawing at your windowpane or hungrily peering at you from the corner of your ceiling after all? ‘Lullaby’ itself is sonically at odds with what we would presume to match the tale told onscreen, but Smith’s whispers still manage to lure you in, which is exactly what the Spiderman wants, after all…

FKA Twigs – M3LL155A


Because FKA Twigs isn’t known for doing things by halves, so it seemed only fitting to put say that the entirety of M3LL155A belongs here. The EP is simultaneously the most challenging and best thing she has created to date; it sounds dark and twisted, and whilst the visuals narrative flits from one bit of symbolism to another, it is the opening sequence for ‘Figure 8’ which is most eerie. The wizened, grimey, gold-teethed lady who gives life through the destruction of her own light? Yeah, nuff said.

Fever Ray – ‘If I Had A Heart’

Just like FKA Twigs, The Knife were known for pushing their own creative boundaries with their music, and the visuals were never left behind. In this video by Fever Ray – the solo endeavour by Karin Dreijer – much of the frustration comes from how little of the questions that are raised are answered. Where have the children in the kayak come from? What are they escaping? Who are the tribal folk? Why are they the only adults alive? Why are the inhabitants of the mansion dead? All sorts of symbolism can be derived no doubt, though with the pulsing beat of ‘If I Had A Heart’ it all becomes a bit unnerving.

Aphex Twin – ‘Come To Daddy’

It was all going pretty well until something that resembled Aphex Twin is born from a TV screen and begins roaring in an old lady’s face (yup, even the group of schoolgirls bearing his face doesn’t freak you out that much), but it’s only worse from thereon in. Either way, it’s not nice to look at, and the barrage of ‘Come To Daddy’ plus Chris Cunningham’s demonic whispers of ‘I want your soul’ only makes it worse.

Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’

The year was 1982. It was the music video that revolutionised all music videos. Of course, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ had to be here! Combining horror film clichés, visual effects and that (iconic) choreography to make a short film was a first, and it’s influence continues to ripple through to the present day (how else do you think you would have ended up with Beyonce’s Lemonade?) And doesn’t 80s costume and make-up look so much better than CGI?