In preparation for their upcoming show at the Shacklewell Arms with Bamboo Smoke and RINNGS. We held an interview with Wyldest to find out more about them.

Hey welcome to Born Music, tell us a bit about yourselves, what led to the creation of Wyldest?

Wyldest was started in my bedroom a few years back over an obsession with 80’s synth-pop and shoegaze. Jack and Mariin joined the project shortly afterwards and Wyldest the band was born.

Is there a story behind the name?

I had a creepy-looking old fairytale book when I was a kid which used ‘y’s’ instead of ‘i’s’ on the front cover. Maybe in an effort to seem Ye Olde English or something. I can’t remember exactly what it was called but it had an image of the pied piper on the front and the word ‘Wyld’. I always thought the use of the ‘y’ looked cool.

We love your single ‘The Poet’, how have you found the reaction to it?

People seem to like this one live. It’s definitely the track that gets knees bending in the crowd. We have a lot of new stuff we’re weaving into the set now that the album release is growing nearer, so we’ve been forced to cut a bunch of older songs from the set. This one will probably remain for a while due to popular demand.

What was your creative process while recording the track?

This song was born as a midi composition after listening to a Blonde Redheads’ BarragĆ”n album on repeat. I was feeling groovy so I put Logic’s quantise feature onto ‘swing’ mode and out it came.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?

It varies because our music taste is eclectic. From Depeche Mode to Lykke Li all the way through to Cocteau Twins.

How are you feeling about the upcoming show with ‘RINNGS’?

The band seem wicked and we’re always psyched to play a mid-week show at The Shack. Midweek is the new Friday.

What are your likes and dislikes about performing live?

Likes: Meeting like-minded people. Every gig we play we make new friends – whether it’s the other bands, the promoter, the fans or the sound engineer.

Dislikes: Lugging our amps on public transport šŸ™

Is there any new material on the horizon?

We have an album. It’s coming soon!

Do you have any other shows coming up that we can get excited about?

We have a string of shows coming in the latter part of this year to coincide with the above – more info soon we promise.

Wyldest play alongside RINNGS and Bamboo Smoke at the RINNGS EPĀ launch show at The Shacklewell Arms on July 19th. Grab tickets here.