We’re thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Birmingham four-piece Velvet Tides to take their unique shoegaze sound around the UK

In typical rock and roll fashion, Birmingham upstarts Velvet Tides have announced a UK tour that starts, well, tomorrow.

Starting at West Street Live in Sheffield on September 4th, the tour will see the band play London, Worcester, Liverpool and Manchester in the coming weeks, with the potential for more dates in the pipeline.

Having only released their debut single in April, the band have been gaining renown for their swirling, wistful sound and the reputation that they have garnered playing shows in and around Birmingham has cemented them as a band to look out for.

We caught up with Velvet Tides ahead of this landmark occasion for the band.

Your UK tour is fast approaching! How are you guys feeling?

We can’t wait to get out and play a solid run of shows! The overriding feeling for us is definitely excitement. We’re really pleased with all of the upcoming shows and can’t wait to play to some new audiences.

As a relatively young band, are there any things that have surprised you about touring or playing shows?

Until this point, most of our shows have been local Birmingham gigs so playing venues like The Sunflower Lounge always feels like home to us with masses of support. So far the only surprise you could possibly say is just how good a reception we seem to have gotten from all of our shows to date! We’re really pleased with just how many people seem to be getting behind us and we hope this tour is a continuation of the same.

Are there any places or venues that you are looking forward to visiting in particular?

It’ll be good for us as a band to experience playing in different cities and play some new venues, every single show honestly looks set to be great in its own right. We’re particularly looking forward to our show at Werkhaus in London on the 12th September; a relatively new venue right in the heart of Brick Lane and has already booked so many good upcoming bands. It’s fair to say the shows in Liverpool and Manchester also certainly stand out as cities with so much musical history. Every show offers something different from our perspective.

What’s your favourite thing about being on stage?

It’s always so rewarding to see people moving, singing along or vibing to our music and almost validates which songs are the ones that have the potential to make people feel a certain way. Playing live is the perfect opportunity to really connect with our fans and express ourselves and that’s definitely the best part in our opinion.

What should people expect if they’re catching their first Velvet Tides show?

We like to think we bring a good energy to our shows. A healthy mixture of songs that will make people want to break out and songs that will make people sit up and listen. Combined with the moody light shows we like to think there’s a lot to see when people come to one of our shows and we hope along the way we gain some new friends and fans on our first UK tour!

Confirmed dates

September 4th – Sheffield @ West Street Live

September 12th – London @ Werkhaus

October 4th – Worcester @ Annie’s

October 18th – Liverpool @ EBGBS

November 30th – Manchester @ The Castle