In preparation for their upcoming show at The Shacklewell Arms on 19th July. We held an interview with the talented two to find out more information about themselves and their music.

Hey welcome to Born Music, Tell us a bit about yourselves, what led to the creation of Bamboo Smoke?


We are Tom and Lou and we write tunes together in our bedrooms in South London.

Bamboo Smoke was formed after a chance meeting on a rooftop. Tom was looking for vocals to sample and I was looking for a producer to record with. We started writing together and it became obvious we were meant to be a band.


Is there a story behind the name?

After playing word association for hours…and hours….

Bamboo felt nice in our mouths, Tom’s a gardener, and some say our music has a smoky basement quality.


We love your EP ‘Two Human’, How have you found the reaction to it?

Thank you so much. Letting go of our first sonic love children has been cathartic. We’ve loved the response.


What was your creative process while recording ‘Two Human’?

We’re very free with one another and capture our instinctive ideas as they come, without trying to craft a particular result.


What is your favourite track on the EP and why?

To The Waves. We wrote and recorded this in one night under a supermoon in a very remote and windy cottage by the sea.


Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Myriad. Anything that moves us. Ranging from Lapalux to Greyhounds, Nina Simone to Daughter.


How are you feeling about the upcoming show with ‘RINNGS’?

We’re looking forward it. Very happy to support a creative two piece and air some new music. We also have a dreamy new live drummer.


What are your likes and dislikes about performing live?

I love feeling the energy of people in the room and the risk of being vulnerable and seen. Carting gear across London can be a shlep of course, but we always find our way.


Is there any new material on the horizon?

Absolutely. Later this summer. Hold tight.


Do you have any other shows coming up that we can get excited about?


Get In Her Ears at Notting Hill Arts Club 01/08

and a DIY show 31/08 in London Bridge at Mama’s at the Railway Garden.

Stay tuned via instagram @bamboosmoke


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