With their tour coming up, it was time we got you up to date with the Australian duo, Peking Duk, talking about their music, new video and giving us the goss about their unique name

Peking Duk not only tastes good but it sounds even better! We caught up with Peking Duk, the Australian duo, also known as, Reuben Styles and Adam Hyde, the music producers to get to know a little bit more about the band and their music. The band formed in 2010 and since then have developed their recognizable style, with an electronic genre that will get you all on your feet. Let’s take a look at all things Peking Duk…

Hey guys, what is the meaning  behind your name?

So, we got the name, when we had a couple of songs ready to go and wanted to put them on iTunes. We had actually been partying before we had the name in mind. So, we got together and it became a saying between us “Ahh look at Dave, look at Brett, he is peaking duck right now”. And it meant someone was absolutely peaking off their tits to an extreme level in a corner of the room, with their eyes wide shut pulling a duck face. And when we had the first song ready to go on iTunes, we just thought screw it, let’s just put it up as Peking Duk. Its stuck ever since.

What would you recommend for people to first listen to out of your songs?

I would say our song ‘High’ is probably the best introduction to the Peking Duk sound as a whole. It’s slow, its big and banging and a lot of fun with a bit of emotion.

What was the creative process like for Reprisal?

So pretty much, we had a bunch of songs to choose from then we realised two of the songs came very closely in line lyrically. They were both in some shape or form about a bittersweet reprisal. ‘Fire’ was one of the songs and it was about this character, a girl voice singing ‘if this is the way it’s going to be, then I’m over this. I’m going to set this house on fire’. For the other song ‘Distant Arizona’, it felt like a natural aftermath to that song. It’s about this guy waking up in the middle of the night and going ‘Holy shit, this girl has just run off with all my stuff, I’m going to track her down and find her’. So, lyrically the two songs felt quite connected and then we decided to put them out at the same time with one singular video clip and call it ‘Reprisal’

We love the new single Fire; can you tell us the inspiration behind it?

Yeah, we worked on the beat in LA, during a writing trip and came up with a few different ideas for the vocal and how it would go. It had a few different life forms in the end before we ended up getting back in the studio with Sara Aarons who’s amazingly talented and we ironed out the concept for the lyrics and the theme of it all. Then we got into the studio with Sam and Warren, mixed it all and what you hear is the final product.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2018?

Playing more shows and making more music. Doing everything better, especially right now at this point in our lives, bringing our live show to the world. We’ve done it in Australia for the last 12 months, but we’re currently amidst our first ever live tour of the US. So, we hope to bring it to the other corners of the world, perfect it and make it as good as it possibly can be.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

I can speak on behalf of both Reuben and myself, there’s too many to name that’s for sure. But it’s a wide array from Led Zeppelin to Kanye West, Tame Impala, Mark Ronson to Diplo. People who cut new electronic moulds like Flume from Australia, Megadeath, Slayder. Honestly, there’s too many to name. We find inspiration in so many styles of music and so many different artists. It doesn’t even have to just be music, it can be visual art, food or an experience through travelling on tour. But the main ones are people like Kanye West, Damon Albarn, Julian Casablancas and The Strokes.

Do you have new artists that you are currently listening to now?

Totally, we’ve been listening lots to Repeat Repeat. This awesome band out of Nashville and we love them so much that we asked them to join us on tour. It’s been great hearing their set every single night, playing their amazing tunes. There’s a lot of great albums that have come out this year including Jack White’s earlier in the year, The War on Drugs by A Deeper Understanding. Just even a couple days ago the Gorillaz dropped a new album and it’s out of control. It’s a great year for music right now and can’t wait for the rest of the year to pan out.

What is it like to have over 180 million streams?

We didn’t even know it was that much! That’s an amazing feeling. Awesome to see when the feeling is reciprocated a bit when you’re banging your head to a song you’re creating in a little room somewhere. Then 180 million people are getting down to it as well, that’s a great feeling.

Are you excited to play the iconic Electric Brixton?

Honestly, could not be more pumped to play Electric Brixton. We did our very first London show December last year at the Garage. And it sold out so quickly, we did another show that week in KOKO which also sold out. Which got us more excited to try somewhere new in London more than anything, so to be going out to Electric Brixton is nuts. We’ve heard so many things.

How have you prepared for your 2018 European tour? What can we expect?

We’ve been building the live set constantly, always updating and adding new exciting things, adding covers, unreleased songs and guests. Some new little stage antics such as dancers and getting the crowd involved every now and then. We’ve definitely got a few surprises up our sleeve for the European tour which we won’t give away just yet.

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05/09/18          Dublin, Ireland                        The Grand Social
06/09/18          Bristol, UK                               The Exchange
07/09/18          Manchester, UK                      The Deaf Institute
08/09/18          London, UK                             Electric Brixton
10/09/18          Stockholm, Sweden                Obaren
12/09/18          Koln, Germany                         Gebaude 9
13/09/18          Amsterdam, Netherlands       Melkweg
14/09/18          Berlin, Germany                       Lido
16/09/18          Paris, France                            Les Etoiles