With his upcoming album weight_falls just days away, we had a chat with Australian singer-songwriter Kim Churchill about his travels, UK memories, the new album and pasties.

Scroll down for UK tour dates, album release date and his fantastic playlist of tracks that have inspired the new record.


‘Second Hand Car’ and ‘Breakneck Speed’ are both excellent tracks, what can we expect from the rest of your upcoming album?

Thanks! I guess both those songs are larger stops on the adventure for sure. For me the album works best as a whole. It’s an interesting position to be in with only those two parts of the puzzle on display – but it’s nice to have a bit of mystery and some cards up my sleeve haha. I would say there is a lot higher energy stuff to come. The album still has a lot to give, including a lot more acoustic guitar oddly. Actually –  energy and acoustic guitar is a nice description of what to expect. And lots and lots and lots of harmonies. I’m an addict to harmonies at the moment.


What inspires you musically right now?

I have been pretty amped on the latest Mac DeMarco album. I am a little late to the party but totally in love with that sound right now. Who knew such soft music could work so well with such bitchin’ synth lines! Also been getting quite into Queens of the Stone Age again, and an Irish guy who goes by the name of ‘Villagers’ – though that has been a constant for most of my adult life.


You travelled extensively during the writing of the new album, do you think this has influenced the sound or themes of the album?

Yeah definitely! I’ve found travel has always done that especially in the lyrical and musical themes. Whatever your surroundings are just oozes out I find. I have to be fairly open to my environment, and then open to the natural emotional reactions I have to it. A lot of openness!

Sometimes I’m too closed, or too insular, or too stressed and I move along like I’m in my own boring little train carriage. When I’m open to it all and to being honest in my song writing it comes though wonderfully.

You also recorded the album yourself, what was the creative process like producing your own work for the first time?

That is not entirely true actually. I demoed the album myself and came up with a sound I really dug. Loads of layered simple beats (with organic instruments), harmonies, acoustic guitar and mega synth basslines – but I worked with a producer named Ian Pritchett in his garage studio in Sydney to make the album come alive.

Ian is the master of allowing an artist and their sound to blossom, whilst recording and enhancing it to be larger than life. Coming up with the sound was very liberating. I’ve always been a one-man band, so to speak and I didn’t want to lose that – so having these towers of drums and percussion either side of my simple set up was an exciting moment. The beats and synth bass stuff came from finally bothering to check out garage band and exploring its options with demoing. I probably should have done that years ago. A little digital influence went a long way after staying so raw for so long.

You’ve got more UK dates coming up! What have been your best memories of touring over here?

Beautiful Days festival and Boardmasters Festival are great memories for sure! I’ve ended up spending a lot of time in Cornwall after Boardmasters. I discovered the best pasties and explored the coastline until I knew it well. Very grateful for all of that. Beautiful Days on the other hand has introduced me to some of my best friends and most beautiful people I’ve ever met!


Kim is playing in the UK on the following dates:

Nov 25th Whelans, Dublin

Nov 26th The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Nov 27th Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush

Nov 28th The Fleece, Bristol


His album weight_falls is out August 25th