When we first heard GUNDELACH‘s recent track ‘Garden’, we were immediately enveloped in flashbacks. Of funk and disco, dancing and grooving (these aren’t memories by the way, we’re not quite that old!) Despite the clear homage to decades past, Gundelach infuses ‘Garden’ with a contemporary vibe; it is the perfect balance between new and old, which is exactly why you need to hear it. Here Gundelach tells us more about his latest single, being on Beats1, and how he came to love music (he even made us a playlist of influences to boot – scroll on down!)

We fell in love with your latest track ‘Garden’! Would you like to tell us a little about it?

Thanks! I started writing the track with my friend Aksel Carlson who is an excellent producer from Norway. The demo was laying in my iTunes library for a while before I went to London to finish it up with another producer, my man John Calvert!

I went out to a cemetery called Nuns Head in South East London to write the lyrics. The picture on the cover is taken there. ‘Garden’ is a visual picture to me. A picture taken from the inside of a room through the window, capturing the moonlight shining in the grass from the garden.

‘Garden’ is upbeat funk-pop and is quite different from your RnB sound of previous releases such as ‘Fjernsynet’ and ‘Spiders’. What inspired the change?

I don’t know exactly, I guess it was just the vibe in the studio when Aksel and I were jamming. Also, after playing a lot of live shows I wanted more upbeat songs to play.

Between the synths and the killer guitar riff, your music feels rather unique in 2017. What can we expect from your forthcoming album?

Oh, thank you. I only use analog gear when I’m producing, mostly my Roland Juno-60, it’s a beast. You can expect a lot of different types of songs, I like experimenting nowadays. You are still going to hear that it’s me though.

What themes most often inspire your lyrics?

Loneliness, isolation, heartache lol.

You worked with John Calvert and Aksel Carlson on your new music. How did they get involved and what was the experience like?

Me and Aksel have worked together before on Arif’s (A friend of mine and talented rapper) track ‘7’. I just called him up and asked if he wanted to try something out in the studio. John and I had a session set up last year and instantly clicked musically, he’s great.

Your debut single ‘Spiders’ was picked up by Pharrell Williams and played on his Beats1 show. How did it feel to suddenly have so many people aware of your music?

It felt great. I was in Berlin at the time and got a text from my manager to put on Beats1. They played the track, it was kinda surreal.

You grew up in Oslo, Norway. What was that location like for helping you to pursue your musical ambitions?

I don’t know if the location was important for my musical ambitions. My parents were though. They let me pursue whatever career I wanted to, and that is great. That being said, Oslo has a great music scene, especially for electronic music.

Who or what introduced you to music? What was your first musical experience?

My parents played in marching bands when I was growing up, that probably was my first experience with music. I remember my father practicing for his solos on his euphonium.

You started out as a DJ whilst in your late teens. What is it about DJing that you enjoy?

I enjoy the dynamics of DJing, to build a set in the right way, it’s so easy to fuck it up. I really enjoy playing eclectic sets, dropping unexpected gems that works great.

Which do you prefer, DJing or performing live?

Performing live, easy.

What Norwegian artists should we be listening to?

Olefonken and Ary.

What else do you have planned for 2017?

I’m gonna play a few selected shows and just produce a lot of new tracks. Hang out with my gf and our cat Njeu, she just had kittens :):):)

Gundelach’s latest track ‘Garden’ is available now.