With their debut album Great Big Blue coming out this Friday, we thought we’d have a catch up with our fave Aussie dream pop duo.

The album is pretty special as well by the way… be sure to check out our review here!

Your album ‘Great Big Blue’ is coming out next week, how challenging did you find creating an album to your previous musical efforts?

I mean it’s definitely challenging, but half the time you’re pinching yourself because you can’t believe people believe in you enough to even want to hear an album … so challenging yes but really nice too!
Did you specifically try anything new on this album?

The first album I suppose helps you find some footing for continuous ones. The new thing for this album was just us & writing an album in general.
What’s the main thing that you hope that people will take away from the album?

I suppose every artist wants people to feel connected. If any tracks make you feeling anything at all – then, job’s done.

The artwork for ‘Great Big Blue’ is pretty ace, do you often go swimming with clothes on?

Yeah yeah, UV in Australia pretty strong. So you know, gotta slip slop slap. (Google it)
Where did the concept for the artwork come from?

Started off with colours we wanted and fleshed out the idea from there. We had a brilliant photographer as part of it which helps. We wanted it to feel vibrant but also low key.


Where did you mostly take inspiration from when writing the tracks for the album?

From a lot of different places. The album feels like a collection of the work we were most excited to share. I think it’ll be nice to look at tracks in a new way after album one.


Were there any particular low points when creating the album?

Not particularly. There was this one day I was really hungover after my birthday party. That was rough. Otherwise, we were just pretty excited to be able to record and write all day every day.


What about high points?

Midnight snacks & sneaky beers in the courtyard.


How did you know it was finally ready for release?

You get keen to get things out and start writing again.

If you could give yourselves (when you were starting out) one piece of advice knowing what you know now, what would it be?

Enjoy the process.


Once the albums out what’s the plan for Geowulf this year?

Touring and start writing again
Is there anywhere you haven’t been, where you’d love to play live?

Is there any festival plans on the horizon yet?

Playing Liverpool sound city may 5/6


If you could play any festival in the world, which one would it be?