Never buying beer and putting on a show, Bad Sounds deliver a dose of their good time banter and tell us all about their festival feels.


How are you guys? How has your day been?

Good, very warm.


How was your set? All good?

We were kinda nervous because it’s Thursday and you don’t know if anyone is gonna show up and before we came on walking around the site a bit and not many people had come in but by the time we went on the tent was full and shit so it was good. It was what we hoped, or more than we hoped really. It’s really weird to see people jumping up and down and going crazy on a Thursday afternoon.


It’s just the good thing about festival atmospheres I guess.

Yeah, I think if people are up for it but it depends on the festival. This festival seems to be a particularly positive festival. Everyone is just really excited this year.


So, ‘Couldn’t give it away’, how are you finding reception to that song?

 I don’t know, it’s only been out like less than a week… once things are out I feel like I don’t want to look, I don’t want to know what people are saying about it. I think more out of insecurity just in case people are like ‘ I don’t like this!’. I just tend to hope it’s doing okay.

It’s weird now that we have a few tracks out that people like it’s sorta weird putting a track out that you might disappoint, whereas before nobody gave a shit. It seems positive though, and I’ll take that.


What are your favourite bit about playing a festival?

Table tennis…and something nobody really tells you right, but when you’re in a band you never have to buy beer again.


The good thing about a festival is you’re playing to people who have never heard of you before most of the time, or at least have. My favourite thing when people come up to us after is that they’ve never heard of us but they really liked the show. I feel like that’s obviously better for us.


Do you prefer festivals like Truck to your usual headline gigs?

It’s just a different beast. When we do our normal headline shows, we try to put on a bit more of a production. Like, last time we headlined in London we had these giant sculptures of mine and Ewans heads made and they had lasers coming out of the mouths and moving set that came in halfway through and there were costume changes and stuff. We really tried to put on a show but you can’t really do that with a festival because of quick change overs and you don’t even get a sound check sort of thing. So you are really relying on the music…


“When we’re doing a festival trying to compensate for the fact that we don’t have a production…so we put as much energy as we can into it.”


Do you not?

No, we don’t.

That’s shocking.

You’re literally like does that work? [Taps table like a mic]. Yes. Go.


They usually say at a festival make your first song a throw away song so they can sort out the levels on it.

Not even a line check?

Oh, you get a line check, just to make sure it’s working, but yeah you can’t really bring in the production that you can do so you are fully relying on the music and your performance. So in a way it’s a real test of that stuff and kinda what we love and don’t love about it as well.

Ideally,  we’d love to be at the stage where we could bring in that kind of production to festivals and we’d have the best of both worlds but…we’d make no money. That’s the issue because we sometimes just find traditional gigs can be super boring, done a million times and we really don’t wanna be one of those bands. So we think when we’re doing a festival kinda trying to compensate for the fact that we don’t have a production and stuff and not putting in as much energy as we can into it.


Your debut album recently came out! Were there any memorable hurdles when creating the album? Or was it all plain sailing for you guys?

We didn’t have loads of time to do it because it’s kinda obvious that it’s the first album and there’s not as big of a budget and shit. Us with the guy who produced it, James, we were kind of really aware of that and worked really solidly the whole time. So, when I think of it, I just think of us all being like, the most focused we’ve ever been when recording. It was intense. And especially mixing it, we were there until the early hours of the morning every day.

We’d do a track a day, mixing it with a guy called Ben Bapty. He’s a genius, he’s mixed some amazing stuff and he was really sympathetic of us being so picky I guess for lack of a better word. We knew the album we wanted to make and everyone that was making it with us were really on board with that and it was great.

We are really lucky to have worked with a few people. We found a set of people who get what we wanted to do. I really think it is distinct and it’s kinda hard when people don’t get it it’s hard for them to get it right obviously, but luckily, we had people that could really understand it which makes it a lot easier for us.


Any personal favourites from the album? Any particular bits?

It kinda changes every day, to be honest. We’ve got this little three track saga that I really like. So, it starts with ‘Evil Powers’ then goes into this track called ‘Thomas Is a killer’ and then a track called ‘Another Man’. There’s this melodic theme that runs through them all. I see them as a miniseries in the album, which is the most pretentious thing I’ve ever said.


But I really like that because it’s the darkest part of the album, I just think it really works for me. I feel that that’s the part of the album where it goes furthest away from what we’ve done before we made the album.


Last question. Is there anything you’ve got planned post-album release for the rest of the year?

We’ve got our tour, two tours actually. We’ve got a European tour straight after the album and then a UK tour in October. Then we’re making a feature-length film. Which is all based around guitar solos called, ‘Steven Vai, where art thou?’ So keep a look out for that.


Check out their latest album here: