It’s been just over a year since we had a chat with new music aficionado Abbie McCarthy, and it’s fair to say she’s been busy…

Hey Abbie, it’s been a little over a year since we last spoke, how are you?

I’m all good, thank you for having me back on Born Music for a chat.


A lot can happen in a year, what have been your highlights? 

A couple of things really stand out as highlights – the first thing would have to be getting my first TV job and getting to live the dream on 4 Music! It’s so ace getting to interview the best brand new artists around, I love meeting & chatting to people, it’s my favourite part of my job.

The second highlight would have to be my radio show BBC Music Introducing in Kent getting nominated for Best Radio Show at this year’s Music Week Awards. It’s all these huge national shows in the last and then my much smaller local radio show, so it feels really amazing and special to be given the recognition.


You’ve recently been on the Good Karma Club tour with Marsicans, how was it? 

SO much fun, I adore that band! They are always brilliant live and manage to create such a feel-good party atmosphere so it was really cool to see that happen in each of the cities we visited. They’re a bloody lovely bunch of guys too so we had such a laugh.


There was a whole host of great local talent on the tour as well, any standouts for you?

I really enjoyed seeing the local bands open on each of the nights because lots of them I hadn’t seen live just yet and they were all superb. Special shout out though to Only Sun who opened for us in both Southampton & London and warmed the crowd up very nicely! They have some huge anthemic tunes, I think they’ll soon be everyone’s new favourite band.


What’s the best part about being on tour for you?

I love visiting different places around the country and experiencing how the music scene is there. It’s always great meeting people too and chatting to fellow new music lovers. It was such a fun couple of weeks!


How has this tour compared to last year’s tour with The Academic?

Both have been awesome, it’s so great getting to see your favourite acts play live every night of the tour. It was great to go to a couple of new venues or cities on this tour like Think Tank in Newcastle and Rock City in Nottingham.

I remember towards the end of the Good Karma Club tour with The Academic they got a phone call to say they’d be picked to support The Rolling Stones in Ireland which was such incredible news, that was a cool thing to celebrate with them. Then it’s been lovely to get to know Marsicans more on this tour and from what they’ve played me from their forthcoming debut album, this year is gonna be big for them so watch this space!


Talk to us a bit about GKC, was this always your plan when you started doing the club nights, how did everything progress?

Yes, it was always the plan to do tours and nights around the country – I want to give a platform to as many brilliant new acts as I can! I started the night back in January 2016 and we’ve had so many amazing nights during that time, lots of the acts that played for us early doors in intimate settings have gone on to some huge things and now remembering that tiny show is such a special moment.


Last year you mentioned the dream of a GKC festival, is this something we might see soon? 

Excitingly this year there is a Good Karma Club stage coming to Barn On The Farm Festival! I’m so pleased with the line-up, it’s being announced very soon…


What’s your main aim in 2019 for GKC?

To put on as many shows as possible, it’s looking like our busiest year yet and I’m excited!