Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Sam Lynch, Dominic Sen, Cassia, Yes Please, Saint Jude, Pizzagirl, Joel Ansett, CXLOE, Estherlivia, Idlewild, Talkslow, The Legends, Cuesta Loeb and Nasty Cherry. 


Sam Lynch – Off The Rails

Based in Vancouver, Sam Lynch has been crafting her sound meticulously. Having written songs from a young age as a way of processing the world around her. Sam has taken this one step further by creating profoundly emotional pieces of music that are set to blow you away on her upcoming full-length LP. ‘Off The Rails’ is one of those tracks.

Sam herself has explained that: “if I get goosebumps, tingly in my legs, tight in my chest, or my stomach drops, I feel like things are working.” So with that in mind, you won’t be surprised to know that ‘Off The Rails’ is nothing short of fantastic.


Yes Please – Priceless

An ode to a past relationship where the girl in question was still in love with her ex, ‘Priceless’ is a personal ode that’s delivered in a flawless alt-pop package. A solid release that sees the American duo take a step up from their successful debut EP.

Speaking on the track they explain that “No matter what I did, what I showed her we could be, what I said, she never told me how she felt and I never knew what we really were.” It’s a sad situation, but these things happen. And at least you’ve got a great bop out of it right lads?


Cassia – Movers & Shapers

Cassia have been delivering indie-pop bops for quite some time now, but with each and every release they just seem to get bigger and better. ‘Movers & Shapers’ is absolutely no different. Prepare to move as the song title so aptly prepares you for. This release follows the release of their debut album Replica earlier this year, and comes at a time that the band are in the middle of a pretty hefty UK and EU tour.


Dominic Sen – Hear Me

‘Hear Me’ is the lead single to come from Dominic Sen’s debut LP. An effort that is set to see Sen cast attention to primitive ideas of gender and social cohesion, all in a pretty pop package.

‘Hear Me’ specifically approaches traditional gender dynamics between masculine desire and feminine self-definition. In Sen’s words, Tal, the protagonist, “Will never know the fear of walking home alone at night, never grasp the small ways in which his behaviour diminishes her complexity and wholeness.”


Saint Jude – Deaf Ears, Blind Years

It’s debut time! Meet Saint Jude, who’s just released ‘Deaf Ears, Blind Years’ via boutique label Slow Dance. You’ll be forgiven if Jude’s vocals sound somewhat familiar, as last year he was releasing material under his own name. Now, as Saint Jude, things have got a bit more intimate.

For fans of The Rhythm Method, Real Lies and beyond, the lo-fi, glitchy electronic loops behind his matter-of-fact vocals definitely have a charm to them. Plus, who can resist the Alvvays reference in there?! The whole track is raw and relatable and as the track is said to be followed by his debut EP this September, we’re eagerly awaiting to hear more.


Pizzagirl – Ball’s Gonna Keep On Rolling

It’s getting ever so close to the release of Pizzagirls debut album and we can’t wait! Luckily, we keep getting extra tastes of what’s to come. ‘Ball’s Gonna Keep On Rolling’, is perhaps the most 80’s of all the tracks so far… which is saying something. It’s the second track to come from the album and it follows the narrative of a showbiz wannabe, from the beginning right to the end. The Pizzagirl himself, Liam, explains that the track “lives in the smoggy subways of NYC 1973! It’s a Twilight Zone type tale of hunting for the big “success”, whatever that may be. Anyways, just remember that if the grind is getting you down, that ball’s gonna keep on rollin.”



We’re super excited about this one. Sydney’s CXLOE has paired up with gnash to reach new levels of sleek dark pop greatness. Taking an all or nothing view on love and relationships and wanting someone so much that you feel physically sick. It’s already been a great year for CXLOE and by the sounds of this, there’s much, much more to come.

On the track, CXLOE explains, “The song ‘SICK is about loving too much and never wanting to show it. Never having that middle ground or normalcy within yourself because your emotions are extremes of each other. Sometimes we want to be showered in affection and jewels and dinners, and sometimes we just want that raw emotion of feeling sick over someone, like an obsession. That pit of your stomach sick.” 


Joel Ansett – Sugar Coat

The 5th single to come from Joel Ansett’s upcoming full-length album and Joel has stepping things up a gear. This smooth and soulful number has his vocals front and cente, lyrics that take you on a journey and a production that’s sleek enough to carry it all through to the end. Centred around those who will choose to lie to your face to ‘protect you’, ‘Sugar Coat’ certainly doesn’t sugar coat anything.

The Legends Feat. Vilma Flood – UP! 

If you’re a fan of retro sounding indie-pop sounds that have a certain jangly charm to them, this is the track for you. The Legends is the incredible project from Sweden’s Johan Angergard and this is by no means their first release, but it’s one you can’t let slip under your radar. Featuring Vilma Flood’s vocals, the track is a short, sweet, uplifting piece of joy.


Estherlivia – I’m Going Home

You’re going to like this. Just wait til you get past the first verse and the beat kicks in, undeniably exciting moves from Estherlivia here. ‘I’m Going Home’ is the first single to come from her upcoming EP Vitalise Her. Written in a bout of depression last year, if anything all this does is prove what a talented and determined musician we have on our hands here.

Nasty Cherry – Live Forever

Co-written with our absolute queen, Charli XCX and producer Justin Raisen, Nasty Cherry have dropped their third single ‘Live Forever’. Super catchy and feel-good, this will work its way into your playlists in no time at all.

In their own words ‘Live Forever’, is a song about being “unconfined, unrefined and self-assured” so naturally the self-produced video shows an unfiltered side to them, which you can’t help but admire and love.


Talkslow – Feeling

Who doesn’t like a good lo-fi track that’s been recorded in a bedroom somewhere? If you don’t, you’re probably in the wrong place. Brighton’s Talkslow have been making absolute waves since the release of their debut single ‘Stole My Love’ and now, they’re taken things up a gear with ‘Feeling’.


Idlewild – There’s A Place For Everything

‘There’s A Place For Everything’ follows the success of Idlewild’s latest album. Reflecting on the passing of time, it seems a pretty apt time to release the track. Confident vocals, as per, paired with synth-y goodness and tinges of past musical influences. The band are gearing up for a headline tour later this year and this has got us wishing the time away.


Cuesta Loeb – ego attack

Get ready for an ‘ego attack’ from Cuesta Loeb. Flawless vocals and relatable lyrics are the driving force here, on a track that brought Cuesta Loeb together with Grey Goon. Speaking on the track and the experience of working with Grey Goon, “We happened to cross paths at a time when we were both feeling a certain unapologetic mood, and just got each other. It’s an unsettling time in general, politically and socially, and we’re so dependent on technology that it’s almost like life has become completely virtual. It just makes me feel weird. I feel like everything is being usurped by technology. I want to hang onto tangible things that I can hold. I still hand write my calendars. When I am done, I send a picture to my partner so that he can know what I have going on. With Grey Goon, I could lean into this mood and it was a safe space to have these conversations.”