We’re relaunching our beloved Friday Favourites section, coming back to serve you, bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Uffie, Not Hot Ashes, The Modern Strangers, Props, Hideous Sun Demon, Mattia Zanella, Drauve, XNilo, XAINSS, and Jadu Heart.

Jadu Heart – Wanderlife

Jadu Heart this week announced their debut album, Melt Away, which came with the release of breezy new track ‘Wanderlife’. Despite keeping their identities a secret and hiding behind iconic masks, they’ve been steadily growing a very loyal fan base which is set to put them in good stead when the release of their debut album lands. Speaking on the track: “At this point in time, we’d gone on a four day David Bowie bender. We wanted it to be big and dramatic like an old school rock ballad because, well, who makes rock ballads these days? It’s safe to say that we had an insane amount of fun time making this song together, most notably plugging in the electric guitar to a tiny amp, holding up a really shitty microphone to it, pressing record and capturing this absolutely ridiculous guitar solo in one take. It was magical.”


XAINS – Nothin But Love

The sun is shining (at least where we are anyway) and with this track soundtracking our afternoon, it’s really hit home that summer is here. So, cheer up, it’s Friday! And take a listen to this breezy, summertime tune.

Token, feel-good whistles, paired with smooth, accessible vocals and we are on to a winner!


Hideous Sun Demon – Good Time

Full of punchy hooks, anthemic vocals and a whole lot of energy and attitude, you need Hideous Sun Demon’s new track in your life if you want to have a ‘Good Time’ (we’re sorry, we couldn’t resist).

The track is the namesake of the bands brand new EP. Speaking on the track and the new EP the band had this to say: “Musically our new music is a result of experimenting with different influences. Vincent demoed some of the songs at home, so they came from a more stylistically unified beginning. Some of the drum parts are a bit dancier, we recycled and rerecorded some old songs and took advantage of Vin’s synth know ho, to play with some Devo/Nerd punk influences. Over all wewanted to take a more melodic approach as we have, we’ll & truly done the riff rock thing.”


Mattia Zanella – let’s B fr33

Taking things down a notch, Mattia Zanella is here to completely chill you out. Acoustic-folky vibes with a modern electronic edge, Mattia is paving his own way in this musical world.

The track is centered around the freedom that you find when you land yourself a sincere relationship. To be honest, it’s an all-around beautiful track, full of emotion, sincerity and is bound to give you a whole load of feels.


props – you don’t care

We’re super excited about this one. The indie cynism shines through on the lyrics here, but it’s got the funky production side that will send your mind to the likes of Superorganism and Gorillaz. It’s a great combination, trust us.

Originally, these were a secret creatve outlet that were made from the sounds of household objects (aka ‘props’, get it!?) Now, they’ve stepped up and released their accidental bops with the rest of the world. We’re very happy about it. More, please?


No Hot Ashes – Extra Terrestrial

No Hot Ashes have been working very hard for themselves over the past few years and it shows. This new release sees them gear up for the release of their debut album this August and they’ve definitely defined their sound. Raw, rough and ready vocals and focussed guitar work, this is the stuff indie dreams are made of.

Speaking on the track they explain that the track is “about relationships and knowing someone better than you know yourself. The constant fat bass lines matched with shouty choruses implore you to move. We were trying for something catchy with this one.”


The Modern Strangers – Visions

After some funky fresh electro-pop? Look no further than The Modern Strangers new effort, ‘Visions’.

“We wrote visions at the end of last year in London. It all stemmed from a rough piano riff I had recorded on my phone and it has turned into one of our favourite songs to date. It’s about an old flame who pops up at the most unexpected of times, be it in conversation or in a memory from a place you visited together.” explains frontman Max Davenport.

These guys have been releasing beautifully crafted indie-pop gem after gem the past few years, with great support slots alongside fellow indie-pop royalty flor and All Tvvins, it’s not going to be long before these guys explode.


Uffie – Mine

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that Uffie sounds familiar. It’s because she is. This French/American producer has been making a massive comeback this year after she first burst onto the scene back in the 2000’s with the legendary ‘Pop The Glock’.

This year we’ve had the pleasure of her first EP release in nearly a decade with Tokyo Love Hotel, plus the release of a collaboration with her ex-boyfriend Feadz. Not only that though, but you know Pink’s current single ‘Hurts 2B Human’ with Khalid? Uffie penned it.

Now, she’s released ‘Mine’ and it’s as catchy as you would expect with pointed synths and pop beats that will flow over and around you with attitude.


Drauve – Haunted

Finishing off with a cracking debut single from new dream pop act, Drauve, from Pittsburgh. These are four friends that are making solid tracks in their basement.

‘Haunted’ is super hazy, dreamy track with a confident production but stunning vocals that offer a sense of vulnerability and insecurity that we can’t help but absolutely love.

The track is centered around feelings of anxiety and obsession over what people think of you, something which many of us will be able to relate to, we’re sure.