Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from RAYN, Rina Mushonga, Winona Oak, Low Island, Chloe Lilac, Franc Moody, Toby Johnson, Toby Charles, Dancing on Tables, Freedom Fry, Clara Nova and Runrummer.


Toby Charles – Rather Be (With You)

Worcester’s own Toby Charles has today released new track ‘Rather Be (With You)’, the track is the first new material we’ve heard from him since his recent successful EP Spaces In Between. Speaking on the track Toby explained that he wanted to write an upbeat song, something that felt summer-y that you could have a little dance to. It’s a love song really, about how no matter where you are or what you’re doing it’s never quite as good if the other person isn’t there.” The track definitely seems like a solid step forward from the artist and we can’t wait to hear more!


Freedom Fry Feat. Clara Nova – Matchstick 

Freedom Fry have dropped their first collaboration in a number of years, enlisting the vocals of Clara Nova on new effort ‘Matchstick’. After meeting on tour on the East Coast a few years back, they instantly hit it off, fast forward a few years and they’re in the studio together and the bases of ‘Matchstick’ were formed very quickly. We’re not surprised either, all the best things come the most naturally.


Dancing on Tables – Stay

After a number of sync placements on shows including the likes of Made in Chelsea, Dancing on Tables have released new single ‘Stay’. It’s an emotive, indie classic and we know you’re going to love it. Speaking on the track the band explain that “‘Stay’ talks about the over reliance on the other half of a relationship, and the struggle someone would face it they were to be left alone. Although the subject focuses on heartbreak, we actually had a lot of fun writing the track. If you isolate the lines, it sounds like we are writing an ode to missing someone. However when you hear the lyrics together, combined with the energy that the track build towards, it paints the picture of someone desperate and angry at the situation they find themselves in. It’s the first time we have written a story to match music that we had created. It has given us a track that people can listen to after a break up, as well as sing along to at a festival.” 


Toby Johnson – Boutique Taberna

Toby Johnson stole our hearts instantly, and we’ve been big fans ever since. An upcoming George Ezra if you will! New track ‘Boutique Taberna’, does nothing to disappoint. The third taste from his debut EP that’s set for release next month (November), it’s set to be a massive collection. Do yourself a favour and get on the Toby Johnson bus, because it’s quickly leaving the station to go on to bigger and better things.


Chloe Lilac – Special 

The first taster of her upcoming sophomore EP, Chloe Lilac has shared ‘Special’ with us, and well, it is a bit special. Throwback to the beginning of this year with the release of her debut Manic Pixie Dream EP, a collection of tracks that saw their fair share of success, we’re not surprised that things seem to have stepped up a gear in her sound. All we can say is, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP!


Franc Moody – Terra Firma

We’ve always been fans of London’s Franc Moody here at Born Music, so you’ll understand how excited we were for this new release, ‘Terra Firma’. The track acts as an introduction for the band’s upcoming debut album (exciting, right?) Mixing elements of house, nu-disco, rave culture and a lot of pop, the band explain that  “A couple of weeks ago we put a rave on in Tottenham, back where it all began for us,” they say. “It was the first time in a few years since we’d put on something like this and fitting that ‘Terra Firma’ was given its first airing. For us the song encapsulates that raw spirit, the energy and decadence of that whole warehouse culture. We definitely tried to bottle that special moment at 5am when sweat is dripping off the walls and the crowd are packed in like sardines. As per all Franc Moody tunes it’s a melting pot of our Lo-Fi, DIY production techniques and ideas, with an added sprinkle of space-age sauce.”


Winona Oak – Let Me Know

Winona Oak has today released emotive track ‘Let Me Know’. Wasting no time before bursting into life, the track is bursting with feeling from the offset, whilst still leaving enough room to take things up a notch for an incredibly anthemic chorus. Lyrically, the track explores themes of passiona and insecurity around new love interests. It’s certainly worth a listen.


Low Island – Long Answer

A track that’s been inspired by ‘Brazilian grooves and Congolese guitar playing’, Low Island’s brand new effort ‘Long Answer’ is potentially their most expansive soundscape to come from the band yet. The track’s narrative is deeply personal too, centred around a close friends mental breakdown and the consequent feelings of embarassment and shame that followed. Speaking on the track the band explain that “The lyrics mainly address the person directly, but they also challenge the generation and attitude that have perpetuated a poisonous image of masculinity, which has only served to emotionally stifle and stunt suffering men.”


Rina Mushonga – Cassiopeia

Following the release of her second album In A Galaxy earlier this year. Rina Mushonga has dropped brand new track ‘Cassiopeia’, a track that’s been a long time coming (since 2016 to be precise). As Rina explains “It sort of came up as a response to the infuriating, eye-roll inducing nonsense of it alland I eventually recorded and produced this in Amsterdam at my pal’s Sebastiaan Dutilh’s studio.” Further commenting, “I think at the core this song is about resistance, aboutanarmy of ‘nasty women’ rising up. In my head the song kind of plays out like a heist movie with these bad-ass female assassins fighting the patriarchy and re-adjusting the status quo.”



Australian born, RAYN, combines elements of jazz, hip hop, R&B and pop together to create something truly spectacular. This week she released ‘OMM’, the first track to come from her upcoming 5-track EP, so the perfect time to get on board with RAYN before she surely blows up.


Plus, another bonus remix!

Following on from last weeks Idles remix of Metronomy, this week we’ve been treated to a super special remix of Runrummer’s ‘Penny Drop’ from BURRS.