Welcome to our beloved Friday Favourites section, serving you by bringing you a carefully chosen ‘New Music Friday’ collection that we believe you’ll fall head over heels with.

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Dutch Criminal Record, Jonny Morgan, The Manatees, Grizfolk, Leebo Freeman, Cuja, Aaron Smith, and Skux.


Dutch Criminal Record – Fade Away

If you’re not already acquainted with Dutch Criminal Record then prepare to be amazed! This four-piece indie-surf band have taken Chichester by storm and now they’re on to a much larger indie domination.

Full of energy and classic indie guitars, with unique vocals that are honest and charming, ‘Fade Away’ is a light-hearted indie track that will spark a spring in your step. Focussed on feelings of isolation and loneliness, the lyrics starkly contrast the light-hearted production. There’s more to these than meets the eye. Get involved.


Leebo Freeman – Dipped In Clouds

Leebo Freeman is an interesting character with interesting music. Something that makes complete sense when you discover that he’s from both the sunny scapes of Florida and the rainy streets of Manchester.

‘Dipped In Clouds’ is a dreamy, ethereal track that’s centred around the perpetuation of disconnect via social media and how addictive keeping that masquerade up can be. There are hints of 70’s and 80’s soundscapes in there, but overall Leebo’s sound is fresh, modern and slick.

Leebo’s aim is to create music with the warmth and soul of retro music with current textures, vibe and structure; something which he’s done very well.


Aaron Smith – Unspoken

You know how much we love a debut single here, especially when they’re as great as Aaron Smith’s ‘Unspoken’.

A track with an incredible amount of emotion to it, focussing on the desperate desire to communicate. His soulful vocals are front and centre supported by a simple, emotive piano backing. A simple yet very effective set up.

Speaking about the song, Aaron explains “The song is about a relationship moving faster for one person than the other and that person being scared of commitment… I’ve been working on my music for a while now and spent a lot of time writing these songs. I’m really looking forward to actually releasing my first bit of music now – It’s exciting to just be able to get it out there and have people listening to something I’ve made” 

Prepare to fall in love with this incredible new Scottish artist.


The Manatees – Headstrong

Mixed by none other than Spring King’s Tarek Musa, ‘Headstrong’ from Southampton’s The Manatees is a complete indie summer anthem.

Rough and ready vocals with a classic indie infectious hook, the energy here is compelling and unignorable. The track itself is an introspection of society’s reaction to the world around us, particularly in the media. With Catfish and the Bottlemen style chorus’ that will no doubt have hundreds singing back to them.


Johnny Morgan – Your Touch

Bath’s Jonny Morgan has just made his debut at Glastonbury but he’s not stopping there, now ready to release his debut single ‘Your Touch’. Imagine that, playing Glasto before you’d even released your debut single…

Taking a lot of inspiration from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, with gravvely vocals and strong guitar work that would be perfect for a road trip. Mix this with the pop sensibilities expected from the likes of George Ezra and the result comes out somewhere near The Lumineers or The Killers.

This is the first release to come from Jonny’s debut EP Your Touch, which will follow later this year.



Returning after a massive 4-year-hiatus, EVVY has got everything out of her system and is ready to take the world by storm with ‘OOMS’ (Out Of My System).

Throwback to 2016 and EVVY’s self-titled debut album was a complete hit, but shortly after the release of ‘Tidal Wave’ her father fell ill and EVVY was confronted by anxiety and depression in dealing with her father’s diagnosis.

The track is a complete pop bop, with synths, big bass and catchy hooks that are confident and engaging from the off. This is a great comeback and we absolutely cannot wait to hear more.


Cuja – New Bitch, Who Dis?

There’s nothing we love more than confidence an attitude in a track and that’s exactly what Cuja has delivered to us here. Fan of Ariana Grande? Then you’ll 100% be here for this.

All about taking control of the energy in your life and saying goodbye to toxic people, speaking on the track she explains that she: “wanted ‘New Bitch, Who Dis?’ to be the song people listen to when they want to be all about themselves, when they’re getting ready for a night out or when they need a friend to say ‘Babe, he’s not even worth it.’

Need some motivation to drop what’s causing a drag on your life? This song will get you there.


Grizfolk – Believing

Celebrating the release of their second album ‘Rarest of Birds’, Grizfolk have dropped single ‘Believing’.

Speaking about the album, the band says, “Listening to Rarest of Birds should feel a bit like looking through a kaleidoscope of fleeting moments…a glimpse into our yearning for truth and answers within and without. Written in some of the darkest times, it was a vehicle out of addiction and depression. It was a one-way ticket out of a personal hell, purchased by the heart and paid for with love, light, and dedication.”

Following their previous hit, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Believing’ has a simple approach to it, themes of nostalgia rooted througout it, that will have you feeling good and tapping your foot along in no time at all. You got us believing in you, Grizfolk.


Skux – Kudis

The title track to their upcoming EP, Skux have today released ‘Kudis’.

They’re claiming that the track is a public service announcement to “wake up, don’t just make noise, action your concerns and slay your goals. Don’t take yourself too seriously or those kudis will find you.”

The track follows the release of ‘On Her Way’ back in 2016, since them Skux have spent some time in Alaska having adopted a punk-rock/park-ranger lifestyle. But, now they’re back, full of energy and ready to pick up where they left off.

The debut EP Kudis is set for release this August.