We’re shining the ‘Limelight’ on the hottest new tracks to soundtrack your weekend.

Devlin – Limelight

It’s about time we shine the ‘Limelight’ on Dagenham’s Devlin; An emcee who’s been around the UK scene since the age of 13, and it definitely shows. I’m not sure there’s anyone that can come close to matching his level of lyricism, and ‘Limelight’ is another brilliant showcase for his devilish flow. From spitting over Dre’s beats last month for a GRM Daily Duppy feature, to the deliciously dark ‘Fun to Me’ back in Jan, and now this – it’s fair to say the wordplay king is back.

Stella Donnelly – Die

You know how we love to twist and turn on our Friday Faves playlist, so let’s step into something completely different. Stella Donnelly‘s fantastic debut album has finally arrived, so it’d be rude not to take a look at possibly our favourite track. ‘Die’ brings all the classic Donnelly charm and witticism, rolling with jangly dreampop wistfulness as she recounts, in part, her phobia-esque fear of flying. Don’t worry Donnelly, we hate it too.

Be Charlotte – Do Not Disturb

If you ever need a ‘Do Not Disturb’ moment this weekend, grab your headphones and retreat into this lovely new track from Be Charlotte. Anthemic beats, glimmering synth and poignant piano all combine to craft a truly immersive pop soundscape, as the Scottish songstress delivers a more-than-just-a-little relatable tale of needing some time to heal.

Girl Crush – Blame Girls

Is there anything more apt for International Women’s Day than a track titled ‘Blame Girls’? At first look, you’d probably think there is, but it soon becomes clear that the title is scathingly sarcastic. Tackling the hallmarks of rape culture – in which girls are to blame for everything, naturally – Girl Crush deliver a sugary pop bop with more than just a little bite. “You blame girls? Oh. How immature.”

Franc Moody – She’s Too Good For Me

I think it’s about time we step back in time to the 80’s. ‘She’s Too Good for Me’ is – for want of a better word – an absolute bop. Threading old-school disco and techno influence together with a silken weave of contemporary dance electro. Blistering basslines, sumptuous synth, and a sprinkle of soul – Franc Moody have the soundtrack for your weekend right here.

Billie Eilish – wish you were gay

It’s no secret that romantic rejection can be hard to take. Apparently so much so to Billie Eilish that she’s dedicated a whole single to wishing her love interest was gay, just so she wouldn’t have to take the rejection so personally. Playful, tongue-in-cheek and unmistakably Billie Eilish – this is an absolute belter for anyone dealing with heartache this weekend. Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

Call Me Loop – Body Like Yours

It’s been hard for us to pick just one track from Call Me Loop‘s devilish new EP Drama, but we settled on the sumptuously sassy ‘Body Like Yours.’ Partly because it’s got hooks for days, and partly because we couldn’t help letting out a wry chuckle when it came to the chorus, Body Like Yours is the perfect dance anthem for when you’re feeling a little loose. On the dancefloor, that is. We meant dancing. Honest.

Sigrid – Never Mine

Oh, Sigrid was already on our Friday Faves last week? ‘Never Mine,’ She’s back again. (Geddit?) But why!? That’s right, her long-awaited and breath-abated debut album Sucker Punch dropped today. Full of impossibly dreamy soundscapes and soaring Scandi-pop grandeur, it’s truly Sigrid at her finest, and if we could have the whole thing on here we would. ‘Never Mine,’ we’ll just have to settle with one! Alright, fine. We’ll stop with the terrible puns. After you’ve given it a few listens.

Foals – In Degrees

Wait. Another album dropped today? Apparently International Women’s Day is the gift that keeps on giving. This time with Foals, whose awesome new album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 has finally arrived. ‘In Degrees’ is the perfect conglomeration of their new stylee, with the classic Foals wistfulness combined with a dangerously disco mix of thumping house beats and synth.