‘Look Ma!’ Friday Favourites is back! Ready to hear your new favourite tunes?

Ekkah – Homesick

Let’s kick off our Friday like any Friday should be, with a little slice of disco infused pop from Birmingham duo Ekkah; bouncy beats and sultry synth combine in this downtempo nu-disco romp from the Brum disco queens.

Blood Red Shoes – Eye To Eye

You’ve had the upbeat disco, now it’s time to delve deep into the realms of dark pop noir. Blood Red Shoes latest single ‘Eye To Eye’ blends swirling electro soundscapes with gritty rock guitarwork. There’s also little Pretty Reckless vibe to it too, and that’s by no means a bad thing.

White Lies – Tokyo

Nearly reaching the 10 year mark as a band, London favourites and all round indie-rock legends White Lies are right in the midst of a brand new album, and ‘Tokyo’ is their anthemic new single. It’s got all that White Lies charm, but hints at a fresh new direction that draws to mind scenes of huge stadium gigs. Fingers crossed.

Tourist – Emily

London-based songwriter and producer William Phillips aka. Tourist is a master at crafting soundscapes that just seem to live and breathe. Take ‘Emily’ for example; the off-kilter samples and oddball intricacies make this low-key dance single an absolute must-listen this Friday.

Jerry Williams – David At The Bar

If soft acoustic soundscapes and beautifully folk-tinged songwriting is more your thing, Jerry Williams’ latest single ‘David At The Bar’ is going to make your weekend. It’s raw, unadulterated singer-songwriter stylee at its absolute finest, and damn is it catchy. Just where is David anyway?

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Look Ma!

Look Ma! Here’s that song that featured in the header! Like a more electronically minded José González, Benjamin Francis Leftwich‘s music is always tinged with this ethereal sense of melancholy, and ‘Look Ma!’ is certainly no exception. Candid folk songwriting combines with a swirling soundscape of subtle electronica.

Stella Donnelly – Old Man

On the surface, it’s a swaying, indie-folk foray with blissful, jangling chords and smooth synth, but just beneath the surface lies a poignantly powerful message against age-old misogyny; Stella Donnelly‘s latest single brings all the bite and furor of a Riot Grrrl rock ‘n’ roll romp, but presented instead with the soft and subtle beauty of her intricate folkcraft. Awesome stuff.

whenyoung – Never Let Go

We love a powerful message behind a track, and whenyoung‘s latest single ‘Never Let Go’ has exactly that and more. A message of unity and an anthem for all those suffering through mental health, ‘Never Let Go’ rises high with powerful driving beats and ringing chords, as Aoife Power reminds us all there’s always a reason to keep holding on.

Fat White Family – Feet

Having just announced their new album Serfs Up!, fans of Fat White Family might think you’re ready for what they have in store, but we’d wager you’re probably not. Still retaining their deliciously shoegazy post-punk charm, ‘Feet’ sees Fat White Family delve a little deeper into the realms of the synth. Backed by a ghostly baritone choir, tribal-esque beats and lofty string arrangements, ‘Feet’ is a masterfully unique piece that sets the bar high for their brand new album… and we can’t wait.

Billie Eillish – When I Was Older

It’s not often you hear of a track inspired almost entirely by a film, but such is the case with Billie Eillish‘s new single ‘When I Was Older.’ Written alongside her brother Finneas O’Connell, the track takes it theme and narrative entirely from the film itself, even in so far as using it’s samples and sounds. Sonically, it’s a deliciously dark pop noir piece that sees Eilish really experiment with production.

That’s all for this week folks, but if you simply need a couple more tunes to tide you over, check out our #DiscoverTheUndiscovered playlist on Spotify.