“Is it summer yet!?” we hear you cry. Well, judging by this handful of hotcakes the carefree season is well and truly here! So turn it up, grab your dancing shoes and twirl like no one is watching…

Billie Eilish – Bitches Broken Hearts

Soft spoken, jazzy R’n’B infuses this live rendition of  ‘Bitches Broken Hearts’ by rising talent, Billie Elisih. The track dishes deep emotion but makes for easy listening in an effortless arrangement that is very much a piece reflective of the times. Elisih’s undeniable mastery of the genre is epitomised in this delicious song and minimalistic music video.

Sports Team – Margate

All-round fun loving, good time band Sports Team demand your attention sonically and visually with their new release, ‘Margate’. The meta and playful approach to British summer holidays is one of a lost and ever-present British youth; you want to dance around to it like painfully self-aware vocalist Alex Rice whilst knowing you look like a fool, but also kind of loving it. And why not? Isn’t that what you do in the summer? Whack on this tune and get your face in the sun, bab.

Jake Isaac – Bad Vibes

Jake Isaac‘s unique voice gets us to shrug off our woes with the luscious and soulful ‘Bad Vibes’With one foot constantly dipped in the creative pool of music, it is easy to see how Isaac has created his tunes; born and raised in London, performing with the likes of Paloma Faith, Angus and Julia Stone, Gabrielle and Elton John, Isaac is one to keep your eye on.

Ten Tonnes – G.I.V.E

Somewhere between The Kooks and DNCE, Ten Tonnes create a feel good, indie-pop anthem that’s hard to forget and even harder to not dance to. In a refreshingly wholesome and innocent ode to love, the track gives you all you need and more in this cute bop.

Bad Sounds – Milk It (feat. Ardyn)

With a feature from Ardyn, the funk-infused bop from Bad Sounds brings feel good vibes to a tired music scene with an alternative-indie attitude and tongue-in-cheek lyricism. This track has summer jam written all over it.

CHVRCHES – Out of My Head (feat. Wednesday Campanella)

Synth-pop trio CHVRCHES collaborate with Wednesday Campanella and ride the wave headfirst into the resurrection of nostalgic sounding synth-pop with their single, ‘Out of My Head’. No, I can’t speak Japanese but I think I get it? These lyrics aren’t lost in translation thanks to the wicked, reliable beats of the band and aren’t likely to get out of your head anytime soon.

Yonaka – Waves

The seductive yet loud YONAKA releases their new single, ‘Waves’, tinged with darkness and rock n’ roll sentimentality. Similar to the resurrection of neo-synth, this gritty, female-led group very much swagger towards the remains of industrial rock, linking arms with you before you collide in the street. This track offers an alternative to mainstream artists, whilst remaining established and well defined.

Mura Masa and NAO – Complicated

Tropical pop-melodies meet with the unique vocals of NAO in Mura Masa‘s latest outing ‘Complicated’, offering a refreshing, colourful sound to the scene. Encapsulating Mura Masa’s approach to creating pop-music that is abstract and nuanced, ‘Complicated’ is a hip-wriggling anthem sure to set fire to many a club this summer.

Robyn – Missing U

Robyn returns with her dizzyingly sad dance melodies that are guaranteed to get you on the dance floor, whether it be in catharsis or celebration. Bound to be an anthem of 2018, those lovers struck with summer sadness are bound to vibe to ‘Missing U’an all too easily relatable release. What we love about this is it’s shameless desire to get you grooving; Robyn makes no pretences about who she is or what she wants you to do – work your feelings out and move your body to the beat of her song.