This week was full of absolute bangers! Wrap yourself around new music from Ed The Dog, Emily Burns, Metric, Kagoule, Jungle, IDLES, Charli XCX and everyone’s favourite boy band, BROCKHAMPTON!

Ed The Dog – Shame

Sounding quite like The Wombats’ Matthew Murphy, Ed The Dog combines lo-fi rock with catchy vocals and melody lines for the fantastic ‘Shame’. It’s illegal to not dance to this song, even if the content might be about anxieties and crises. Ed The Dog is the moniker for ex member of Fish Tank, Ed Wetenhall, and it and the self-titled album of the same name (released today!) is the product of months of writing in his attic and using whatever instrument was at hand.

Emily Burns – Test Drive

If you’ve been paying attention to any Spotify playlists in 2018, you’ve probably listened to the enigmatic new pop star Emily Burns. New single ‘Test Drive’ is a perfect example of her music. Charisma, wit, catchy melodies; Emily Burns is a pop-star ready made for international success. Listen to ‘Text Drive’ below on her new mini-album ‘Seven Scenes From The Same Summer’.

Metric – Dressed To Suppress

2018 has marked the return of Toronto rockers Metric, and their latest single ‘Dressed To Suppress’ is a fantastic, post-punk influenced indie-rock effort that is bound to impress. Epic bass, atmospheric synthesisers, stadium-pleasing guitars; this song has it all.

Kagoule – Egg Hunt

And now we move onto art-rock! Kagoule are the underground darlings of UK rock music, and we can’t for their forthcoming album ‘Strange Entertainment’, due for release in October. Their latest tease for the album, ‘Egg Hunt’, typifies the band’s mission to make music that isn’t all too normal. Jagged guitar lines ring through, while detailed and fantastical drum patterns and eclectic vocals permeate the track. Add onto that some atonality towards the end, and you have yourself a perfect Kagoule track.

Jungle – Heavy, California

And now, it’s time to party your Friday away! We all need a little bit of Jungle in our lives, and luckily they delivered this week! ‘Heavy, California’ is typical Jungle: tropical beats, twinkling atmospheric backdrops and funky rhythms. What more can you ask for? With their new album ‘For Ever’ announced just yesterday, there isn’t much time left to wait before Jungle really spice up 2018.


It doesn’t seem like a proper week at Born Music without a bit of IDLES, and this week the band have graced us with one of their most important songs to date (though, that could be said of nearly all of their new singles). Again tackling the topic of toxic masculinity and the mask men put up to hide their emotions, ‘SAMARITANS’ is a track that is blaring, typical IDLES. ‘This is why, you’ve never seen your father cry’. We can’t wait for the new album!

Charli XCX – Girls Night Out

We really need another Charli XCX and SOPHIE collaborative project. ‘Girls Night Out’ shows how Charli and SOPHIE are the perfect combination. This latest single could be one of the cheesiest singles released this year, but SOPHIE’s production adds just that bit of individuality and bite to really make this track stand out from the rest. We here at Born would love to go on Charli and SOPHIE’s ‘Girls Night Out’.


Ok guys, you can stop releasing songs every Thursday night now (but please don’t). For the second week in a row, BROCKHAMPTON make our Friday Favourites, and for good reason. ‘1997 DIANA’ is another fantastic turn for the boy band, who here seem to try their hand at making a song for a Space Jam remake, completed with a basketball court video. With just Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion and Dom Mclennon featuring on vocals this time round, ‘1997 DIANA’ is full of excellent verses and flows. Shout out to Romil for that ‘great’ closing verse too!