Hey y’all – it’s that time of week again! There’s some proper summer crackers in this collection so grab you headphones and dive on in…

RAYE – ‘Friends

Dance powerhouse RAYE is back with another unabashed club banger for the summer. With stomping beats, tropical, dancehall vibes and a steadily pulsing rhythm ‘Friends’ is the defiant anthem readymade to set a club alight. Hell hath a woman scorned, and in ‘Friends’ RAYE is clearly bitter over a lost lover, but who really minds when she’s churning out tracks this powerful.

Christine and the Queens – ‘Doesn’t Matter’

Yes, we’ve all had ‘Girlfriend’ simmering on repeat for the past month and who can blame us – it’s Christine her best. ‘Doesn’t Matter’ gives way to a different vibe, eschewing ‘Girlfriend’s funk attributes for an undercurrent of electro-pop. Punchy beats announce its arrival, slowly winding up with a gurning bassline at its core. Always one for a simple, killer ear worm of a chorus, there are no disappointments here. We dare you fingers to not start clicking!

Tom Grennan – ‘Aboard’

Who doesn’t love Tom Grennan? We’ve long been invested, but he seems a little less sure about himself in his newest track ‘Aboard’. “What kind of man am I, drunk on my own supply? I should get over myself” he critiques in his new single, a frustrated radio-friendly anthem that will not doubt become a sing-a-long fan favourite of his live set, showing off Grennan’s incredible tone with full abandon.

Her’s – ‘Harvey’

Her’s have been slowly building up a solid following, one that was only solidified in their 2017 debut album Songs of Her’s. Not ones to rest on their laurels, ‘Harvey’ is the third single from the band this year following ‘Low Beam’ and ‘Love on the Line (Call Now)’. Evoking Mediterranean climes and a sense of nostalgia, ‘Harvey’ is a sentimental ode crammed with affection, the chorus brightly chiming. “Nobody knows what I’ve seen,” state the band with a twinkle and a wink in their eye. One can only wonder.

Sunset Sons – ‘Love Lights’

Sunset Sons are back with yet another pop banger! Can the similarities to The 1975 be denied? Not really, but it doesn’t matter when pop comes delivered with such panache. Jerky guitar riffs, big choruses and even a big of organ (hey!) it is a saccharine indie anthem set to sate any with a sugar addiction. Earmark it for festival season!

Orchards – ‘Age of You’

Orchards just keep upping their ante! Hot on the heels of summery, feel-good bop ‘Tunnel Vision’, ‘Age Of You’ deploys a darker edge that is truer to the math influence of staple tracks ‘Peggy’, ‘Honey’ and ‘Darling’. “I’ve been talking to myself late at night,” intones Lucy Evers, before kicking off an impressive soaring vocal at the chorus, thumping drums and wailing guitars only held in place by the band’s pop core. It marks a growth in confidence for the band, who release their debut EP Losers/Lovers today (we recommend you check it out!)

Self Esteem – ‘Wrestling’

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Self Esteem which is a shame – we need more! Luckily new single ‘Wrestling’ has come to sate us for a while at least. Classy pop with a 90s throwback edge and R&B undertones, ‘Wrestling’ holds an understated confidence with its trippy beats and choral hollers. Press repeat on this one, and may there be more from such an interesting artist in 2018.