Love a bit of indie-pop? Good, coz FOURS have got you covered with their 80s-infused retro sound! With a penchant for a killer chorus and guitars that make your hips groove, the four-piece (get it?) from London have been dangling hit after hit in front of our noses over the past year, keeping us on tenterhooks as we wait with bated breath for more.

Their latest single ‘Stella’ ticks all of the boxes above, with the unprecedented addition of an arrestingly angsty vocal from lead singer Edith Violet as she calls out all the sleazy guys who creep on young girls in bars (you know the ones.) Check out the track below as Edith goes into detail about the lyrics, their gig plans for the summer and how they came to be as a band…

You’ve just dropped your latest anthem ‘Stella’! It’s good to have you back, can you tell us a little about what went into creating the track?

This one’s quite an oldie for us, it’s been in our set for a while now and it tends to be the one that gets people dancing. I like to start writing with a concept in mind, so once I’d decided it was about men in bars it flowed easily. There’s a lot to be said about sexually aggressive men in busy public spaces.

You recently said that ‘Stella’ is “dedicated to all the greasy men out there.” We can hear the bite in your voice as you’re singing it; was there anything in particular that was inspiring you when you were writing the track?

Yeah, I’m pretty passive in real life so I enjoy being able to be aggressive while singing. It’s not about one man – and it’s not all necessarily about me – it’s about the reaction you get from certain men if it’s just you and other girls on a night out. It feels relentless but also seemly inevitable if you’re trying to dance freely. I love dancing, I’m often over the top and embarrassing which leads to men assuming I’m trying to get their attention.

You have been brewing up quite a storm over the past few years with your retro pop sound! How does it feel to be gathering such support? Has it surprised you at all? 

Oh it always surprises me. I’m very humbled by knowing people are listening, in fact Spotify’s wonderful for freaking you out in that sense and telling you exactly where everyone is listening from! We want people to enjoy the sound and enjoy coming to see us, the live show is the most important for me, so the more fun the songs, the more energetic the gig will be.

You returned earlier this year with ‘Fade To Love’ after a short break between songs. Can we look forward to an EP from you at some point in the near future? Is there anything that you can tell us to whet our appetite?

‘Fade To Love’ was a fun one to start the year with! We wrote it with Lewis Gardiner who’s great and we’ve continued writing with him. Next on the agenda is a double A side. We want to release a slightly downbeat FOURS song but serve it with a banger as well, we wouldn’t want to scare you off!

‘Fade To Love’ is well on its way to accumulating an incredible 2 million plays on Spotify! Congratulations! What do you think it is about this track that has made people connect to it more than your previous releases?

Yeah that’s amazing, we can’t believe it! I’ve always really enjoyed listening to ‘Fade To love’ myself, ever since the first demo. It’s a bit of a harsh one lyric wise, people always quite enjoy that! It’s hard to put your finger on it when you’re so close to the songs but sometimes they just have a good vibe and you know as soon as you write them.

You’re set to play Bushstock and Bestival so far this summer! Which do you prefer, festivals or your own gigs? 

Bestival should be great. I’m a fan of dressing up and making the summer last, so really looking forward to that being the ending! Bushstock is next on the list of festivals, that’s June 10th. It’ll be quite emotional for us because Shepherds Bush is where FOURS was created. The biggest gig to come is our headline at The Borderline 13th July. We promise a party (and an afterparty.)

Why should audiences come to see you at a festival? What atmosphere do you try to create with your live show?

I try to be as energetic as possible without getting too out of breath. I have to belt in every song in the set, even the slow one, so it’s a constant battle between my love of singing and dancing. I’m definitely a better singer. We try to have a good time, spread smiles and be positive so people can relax into it, have a beer and chill. Relax Beer & Chill, maybe that could be the new Netflix & Chill ?.

Your sound draws influence from 80s pop in the best way possible! How fond are you of that era?

Yeah we dig it! We’ve spent many a drunken night dancing around the house listening to Phil Collins, Whitney Houston and Jane Child until the silly hours. We take influences from a wide range of bands, luckily we all have quite different tastes, and it helps to keep a constant conversation about our sound going. We do a playlist once a week and they have to be songs that were released this year so it forces us to listen to new music. It’s called #RadioFOURS on Spotify, look it up…plug plug plug.

What bands or artists made you want to pick up an instrument and why? 

Mine was Kurt Cobain. I started learning guitar because of him when I was nine. And once I knew every chord, I sung every song I could possibly know in my room on my own pretending to be in front of hundreds of people. It was an obsession, I think I’ve sung ‘House of The Rising Sun’ more times than any song I’ve ever written.

How did you meet and what made you want to work together on FOURS?

I met Dan when I was singing solo gig when I was 17. I think he liked my voice and liked that I’d already been writing songs for years. He has a strong sense of what he wants, Dan, and I liked that. We auditioned Luke, and I hadn’t got a drum kit to my house in time for the audition, so we just chatted but he’s the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet so that was a no brainer. He turned out to be fantastic, which is a relief. Jez lived with Luke and we needed him so he willingly stepped into the madness that is our little family.


FOURS’ single ‘Stella’ is available now. They play The Borderline in London on 13th July.